Plant Shopping at Snug Harbor Farm

snugharbor snugharbor2 snugharbor3 snugharbor4 snugharbor5 snugharbor6 snugharbor7 snugharbor8 snugharbor9 snugharbor10We were back in Kennebunkport last weekend on a last-minute, pre-Memorial Day mini trip. We stopped at Snug Harbor Farm to pick out a few plants on our way home, and it’s 100% my happy place and total inspiration for our garden / life / everything.

We picked out a hibiscus tree, a hanging fern for the porch, a potted fern for the dining room, and a plant we totally forgot the name of for the living room. (Do you know what it is?!)

plant1 plant2 plant3


  1. I have been obsessively planning out our garden. We have a few more weeks of waiting to get some foundation work done (fixing fences, pulling up some old concrete), but then I am going to plant my little heart out. What kind of hibiscus is that, above?

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