medicine wheels

I’ve been thinking so much about medicine wheels lately, my hands are itching to make one, to head to the beach for driftwood & magic.

One of my favorite things found in Vermont over the holidays is this handmade pouch, hand embroidered probably 100 years ago with this medicine wheel. It tingles with magic when you touch it, I am in awe of it. The inside hoops that gather the ribbon are bone.


When I read this piece of writing this morning by the lovely Kaia Ra, I knew that my medicine wheel intuition was exactly what I’ve been needing to do to build a map and to ask for the directions from the universe. I’ve known for so long that I need to open up to the universe, stop being so harsh, dance & love and express JOY instead of expressing momentary irritation. We make our own paths to ourselves but we are always guided.


The following was written by Kaia in Mt. Shasta, it is just so inspiring and beautiful that I had to share. Kaia does classes, energy work, and rituals in the Bay Area, & helped me get through a miscarriage in an incredible way.

For the past year i have felt compelled and inspired to build medicine wheels when i am within Her. Small or large, it does not matter, faerie beings of all sizes enjoy them. The spirit world LOVES them. The ancestors gather close, the water sprites flit about, ancient tree spirits steps outside of their bark to help channel whatever the wheel needs for that location.

Medicine wheels are altars in nature, they are stargates, they open up intentional portals of energy for the earth, the earth spirits, the ancestors and the star beings above to work together as one with a physical world interface. Sacred geometry and ancient future designs are the human interface for these realms to work together. I give thanks, we are so blessed to be able to participate in this multidimensional conversation through our gifts of creativity.

With healing work all kinds of emotions can span the inner spectrum. There are moments when I want to break something or physically storm against the world. These feelings are natural and I honor them. But what i have found is that when i go into the natural world and create i am harnessing this anger in strength, grace, channeling it into an offering to both spirit and myself.  There were days I didn’t know how to breathe or eat or get out of bed. What kept me going was finding my way in nature. I would beg the faerie and ancestor spirits to help me find the right branches or stones or feathers to work with. I would be stumbling through the woods, praying, crying, daring to keep creating when all i wanted to do was throw up. And i began to create medicine wheels. Circles, circles, circles of power, activation, healing, gifts to myself, gifts to others, gifts to my true divine mother.

As I worked on the medicine wheel today, I was filled with the consciousness of the river. There was not enough sound in me to feel sadness, only the movement of Her body all around me. I dug my hands into the crags and found piece after piece of perfect medium. Stones in all shapes that hugged my hand, the piercing water was glue against my skin. I wondered how often people got to know the strength and poignancy of stone and its spirit…right through their own two hands. The green moss was emerald healing energy all around me as i began to place each stone in steps for faeries to dance around later tonight.

I wondered how many deep places within people would start to settle perfectly like these pebbles in the river if they took the time to sit here and just be or just create their own vision inside of Her. And as usual, my mind wandered to the current health of our planet and how powerful it would be if everyone went into nature and began creating, mindfully, with nature.

a hive for the buzzing bees

I’ve been listening to the “Hair” soundtrack incessantly for the last week, it’s just so uplifting and danceable and captures the late 60s  wildness in such a fun, campy way. I keep thinking about the Cockettes (when am I not?)  I think being in SF made us all obsessed with them, wishing for cheap Victorians and a time when 1920s dresses were tossed into thrift shops. One can dream! I still pine for a life like this ~ performing, living in a tribe, adorning ourselves & each other in our prettiest peacock dreamcoats.




These photos are by Bud Lee – see a lot more at the link.


More photos…

I just tried to find some songs online – will post songs to this post later! So check back!

objets trouvés

Recent thrifted finds!

untitled-11940’s enamel leaf tray, 70’s saddle inspired bag


70’s clogs

untitled-2 80’s bag (new daily bag), 80’s suede boots


How could I pass this up?


80’s boots from Kevin’s mom!, 80’s bag

the tiny places

Some seriousness as a break from the pretty! Friday I went with Mary Ann to Pegasus Books, because sometimes on a Friday night the nicest thing to do is to sit in a cozy bookshop with a good friend and read snippets of things to each other. I picked up the newest doris 26, which is amazing, as usual. If you haven’t read this zine, there’s an anthology of earlier issues, and I recommend it to anyone. It’s life changing and phenomenal.

Anyway, while at Pegasus books, there was a guy bugging the girl stocking the magazines, asking her about really gross magazines, and saying he was going to submit his “work” to them. It was clear she wasn’t interested, she told him the photos in the magazine were too disgusting for her, and she did not read it. He kept bothering her. I got in between the two of them, and pretended to read magazines, and finally he left.

When I went up to the counter, I asked her if she knew him, and said I’d wanted to tell him off, but wasn’t sure if he knew her somehow and didn’t want to piss her off. She said no, she didn’t, and she thanked me for noticing. Just for noticing. I forget how much validation and witnessing matters to the female experience, at least for me, and for people I know. Yes, this happened. Yes, it was not ok. Yes, we were there for you if you needed.

Anyway, my point is. Whenever we see this behaviour, we should help each other out. Even if it’s just eye contact, or a nod, or a smile when it’s clear someone needs one. It changes the world.

the happiness of spring


Beautiful sunny Saturday morning! (In honor of Miss Angel and her most amazing birthday??)

I biked to Crixa Cakes, and as the tables outside were in shade, I had my tea in a sunny patch under a redwood tree nearby. Pumpkin pie, too, because I am keeping up in my New Years resolution to eat cake, pie, or ice cream every day in an attempt to keep my girlish figure.



Blue house, blue sky.


Mixed Pickles! I escaped with vintage patterns, candles shaped like branches, & a lovely green hat.



Huey wants to come in now. Time for curling up cozy!!