kings point playland

I’m so behind! I have one million things to write about, but I’m also knee deep in taxes, business projects, art projects, and general hermitude. Anyone reading this in the Bay Area – come have tea with me. I need interaction!

However, onward! Or rather, backward!! New Year’s Eve was spent with some of my favorite people – Kevin’s family. We got there in the late afternoon, everyone dressed up, and we went out to Kings Point Playland, an amazing evening put together by El Radio Fantastique. Toby’s Feed Barn was transformed into a 1930′s behind the scenes circus, with games, burlesque dancers, accordions, fire spinners, and music, of course! I was one of 4 finalists for the ladies’ costume contest, but I did not win.


1930′s silk velvet dress from the lovely Angela Sue!








A good start to a new year!! I’m a little slow in feeling like it’s time to start fresh, but I’m working on moving through some things holding me back!

sunshine, lollipops & rainbows

After a week and a half away (Vermont & Point Reyes,) my apartment was an absolute disaster and I was having trouble motivating to clean it. I’d start, become distracted, or just realize it was a lot to do and start something else! Finally, last night I decided to just start as fast as I could and not stop til it was done – it worked, and I managed to even do some little housework projects I’d been putting off, like lining the new dresser drawers and transferring things and organizing my closet so I can actually walk into it and find what I need without a clothing avalanche burying me forever.

But, I couldn’t have done it without this playlist – instant motivating, instant happymaking. Try it!!

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows – Leslie Gore

7 Heures du Matin – Jacqueline Taieb

C’est Rigolo – Brigitte Bardot

Champs Elysees – Christine Pilzer

Les Filles, C’est Fait Pour Faire L’amour – Mareva Galanter

the seven wishes

Every year for the past decade, I’ve made wishes on my birthday for the next year. I wasn’t going to do it this year, but I started thinking about goals and dreams, (I typed that as ghouls and gaols before getting it right – a sign?!) & I have a lot I would like to dream for. Perhaps I need to examine some of the lofty ideals I’d set out in years past- though I -did- achieve so much of this.

2009 will be a good year, a new dawn, & here we go!!


More from the past after the cut!


winter winds


Such a tiny short visit this time, snuck in during my one week allowed off work
for the next 6 months or so ~ this must be remedied soon, we are not made to live
one week a year and sneak in everything we must do on weekends.
Steal back your life!

But I digress, a beautiful few days spent wrestling wriggling gnomes
& getting in much needed family time, snow, & pines.



Snowshoeing up the not-really-a-road to my land to check the progress on the cabin,
(elves work at it while I am away) – delighted to find that my brother had put a birch
tree with a fork inside as the pillar support for the loft ladder – squinch your
eyes and imagine it completed!


Sometimes I have a feeling like a memory from another time and place, time traveling
in a moment ~ this happens the most when I am sweeping out a hearth – akashic memory.
it happened snowshoeing, in a long black cloak, sled tied around my waist as
I pulled the child up the mountain. Like I’d done a thousand times before, in other lives, other mountains.




A cloudy overcast dreary day rewarded us with one of the most dazzling
sunsets I’ve seen in ages, people running outside to look at it,
apricot honey pouring down wet streets.


Nights were crisp black skies with icy glittering stars, another world
held hanging in the ether, to reach up and touch.


I went to see my 91 year old grandmother and asked her to tell me stories,
she only wanted to talk about the beach, and she only wants to eat seafood. I think
she is a selkie. I love her so much.


I woke up on the last day of the trip to snow flurries and a rousing game of pirates.






My brother makes wine, the vines are covered in snow now.


Some of my favorite thrifts of the trip – a 1940′s jacket, victorian bag with medicine wheel embroidery, silver shell butterfly cuff.