in gratitude

+ full bellies and wood stoves
+ spontaneous baby hugs
+ waking up to a chilly morning, throwing open french doors, and jumping naked right into the hot tub on the deck
+ first taste of pecan pie
+ new friends (& calls from far away ones)
+ safe papa
+ so much beauty in the world
+ amazing long talks with my grandmother
+ these little pirates

the spaces we create

A trip to Sword & the Rose got me thinking about spaces, and a rambling walk down to Samovar opened my eyes a little more. I’ve always felt that any happymaking work in my life would need to involve the creation of space; art installations that remove the viewer from the present moment into tiny worlds, shops & window displays that you want to take home with you or stay in forever, bringing folks to the natural beauty of Vermont to just let everything go in the gold & green of the woods.

Sword & the Rose transports me every time I walk into it, I walk out feeling more magical, brighter, lighter, more in love with the world. Where do you feel this way? Why don’t we create these spaces everywhere?



If I ever finish my tiny cabin in Vermont, the next project will be a gypsy wagon for guests. I like the idea of open sides, with canvas roll down shades or screens, for summer. Magical!

1. Roulotte #1, 2. Gypsy Caravan, 3. Langweer, voorjaar 2006, 4. Ayuthuya, 5. Gypsy wagon, 6. Caravan…, 7. Romany Camp, 8. caravan art, 9. Gypsy Wagon.jpg, 10. Jeanne Bayol, 11. Jeanne Bayol, 12. dsc00247, 13. DSC06717.JPG, 14. Roulotte #2, 15. roulotte-marese-nuit, 16. gypsy wagon