the tiny places

Some seriousness as a break from the pretty! Friday I went with Mary Ann to Pegasus Books, because sometimes on a Friday night the nicest thing to do is to sit in a cozy bookshop with a good friend and read snippets of things to each other. I picked up the newest doris 26, which is amazing, as usual. If you haven’t read this zine, there’s an anthology of earlier issues, and I recommend it to anyone. It’s life changing and phenomenal.

Anyway, while at Pegasus books, there was a guy bugging the girl stocking the magazines, asking her about really gross magazines, and saying he was going to submit his “work” to them. It was clear she wasn’t interested, she told him the photos in the magazine were too disgusting for her, and she did not read it. He kept bothering her. I got in between the two of them, and pretended to read magazines, and finally he left.

When I went up to the counter, I asked her if she knew him, and said I’d wanted to tell him off, but wasn’t sure if he knew her somehow and didn’t want to piss her off. She said no, she didn’t, and she thanked me for noticing. Just for noticing. I forget how much validation and witnessing matters to the female experience, at least for me, and for people I know. Yes, this happened. Yes, it was not ok. Yes, we were there for you if you needed.

Anyway, my point is. Whenever we see this behaviour, we should help each other out. Even if it’s just eye contact, or a nod, or a smile when it’s clear someone needs one. It changes the world.

the happiness of spring


Beautiful sunny Saturday morning! (In honor of Miss Angel and her most amazing birthday??)

I biked to Crixa Cakes, and as the tables outside were in shade, I had my tea in a sunny patch under a redwood tree nearby. Pumpkin pie, too, because I am keeping up in my New Years resolution to eat cake, pie, or ice cream every day in an attempt to keep my girlish figure.



Blue house, blue sky.


Mixed Pickles! I escaped with vintage patterns, candles shaped like branches, & a lovely green hat.



Huey wants to come in now. Time for curling up cozy!!

straw into gold

So many thanks to the tiny gnome librarians who sit up all night spinning straw into gold scanning the old copies of so many amazing books. While it’s not the same as holding the book and reading it, the typography & illustrations of these older versions are amazing & worth peeking at.


The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts by Maurice Maeterlinck

The Betrothal by Maurice Maeterlinck

Nightmare Tales by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The Theosophical Glossary by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

& the text version of the Glossary – better for gathering snippets.

Does anyone else have any favorites online?

kings point playland

I’m so behind! I have one million things to write about, but I’m also knee deep in taxes, business projects, art projects, and general hermitude. Anyone reading this in the Bay Area – come have tea with me. I need interaction!

However, onward! Or rather, backward!! New Year’s Eve was spent with some of my favorite people – Kevin’s family. We got there in the late afternoon, everyone dressed up, and we went out to Kings Point Playland, an amazing evening put together by El Radio Fantastique. Toby’s Feed Barn was transformed into a 1930’s behind the scenes circus, with games, burlesque dancers, accordions, fire spinners, and music, of course! I was one of 4 finalists for the ladies’ costume contest, but I did not win.


1930’s silk velvet dress from the lovely Angela Sue!








A good start to a new year!! I’m a little slow in feeling like it’s time to start fresh, but I’m working on moving through some things holding me back!