Day on the lake


We spent Saturday with my brother & the boys on Lake Sunapee, packed a picnic to eat on the boat and picked out dream lake houses. The sun peeked out once in awhile, we stopped and swam a bit. Last time out for the summer? Maybe we’ll get one more day in before Fall.

IMG_3307 IMG_3256

I not-so-secretly totally want a little electric launch, to sit on wicker chairs and eat tea sandwiches and cruise like little old ladies down the Nile.


boatclothesAm wearing: J. Crew 3″ Chino Shorts (on sale) // Eddie Bauer chambray (similar Madewell work shirt shown) // Maine baseball cap from Daytrip Society // Sandals (this is the first year I’ve started wearing thong sandals because things between my toes freak me out) // Cheap sunglasses (because I don’t care if they fall into the water)



his & hers: travel essentials


Both Sean and I travel a fair amount for work – I spent last week in NYC and he’s just returned from DC – which means tiny commuter planes and carry on luggage only. His Filson was an anniversary present 2 years ago, my Dooney & Bourke weekender was an impulse purchase at the (amazing) Cabazon outlets in Palm Springs when I needed an extra bag for all my thrifted prizes. I use it constantly and LOVE it. It’s great size, easy to carry, sturdy canvas twill, made in the USA, and the inside is bright red with lots of pockets.

Other business travel essentials for me include a baseball cap to cover unruly travel ponytails, a lightweight scarf to hide in, more lip balm than you can shake a stick at, and driving mocs for extra comfort & security lane speediness. His input? Fun socks, a good travel shave kit so he doesn’t have to unpack his dopp kit when he gets home, a great magazine, and sunglasses to hide behind.

Hers: Caudalie Beauty Elixir // Tweed baseball cap // World of Interiors // Cuyana Travel Case Set  // J.Crew silk & cashmere scarf  // bobble filtered water bottle //  Nuxe Rouge Charismatic lip balm // Dooney & Bourke weekender // Tod’s driver (dream version, or try these for the budget version)

His: Sailwax dopp kit // Blackjack gum // Filson bag // Persol sunglasses // Air corps socks /   Port magazine //  Slip-in leather iPad case // Travel toothbrush & sanitizer // Shave set



smudge2Hi friends. I’m on vacation until the day after Labor Day, so I might just catch up on some blogging, dust out the corners over here. No lie, it’s been really hard & I haven’t wanted to share much, or even when I want to share cute things or little trips it feels disingenuous to do so without acknowledging everything else under the surface. I’m not really sure what my future on the internet looks like, what I do know is that every pregnancy announcement (and oh, there are so, so many) is like a knife to the heart. I feel more and more isolated as each day passes, more and more thinking I need to take the time to actually process what it will truly mean to go through life never becoming a mother. I’m not there yet, because thinking down that road is not pretty – it’s a lash-out, crazy crazy place. So I avoid it.

An internet friend emailed the other day and asked if I was SO busy that I couldn’t start a yoga practice, as it’s beneficial for infertility. It was a long email and there was a lot to think about, but in the end, the answer is no. No, I’m not busy. I’m depressed, I’m isolated, I spend my free time trying to escape my reality with books and little tasks and work. But I’m not busy. I’m just terrified of the open, thinking times that yoga brings.

I was in my favorite little tea room and overheard (read: snooped on) a conversation between two people where one was feeling pretty overwhelmed and lost, and the response from the other is something I want to think about during my week away from work:

What do you have that’s really valuable right now?

thonet test drive

chair2I found this old cane and black-painted bentwood chair for $20 at our local thrift, and figured I’d give my dream of having the Era round armchairs in my dining room a test drive. Yep, looking good. I love the way the cane and the spalted maple table work together.


However, we have a problem. The window trim in the dining room is cherry. It doesn’t match the table. It isn’t going to look great when we paint the walls grey. So, just how bad would it be to paint the trim AND the walls the same grey? I think it would look great. It just feels a little terrible.

I’m still feeling the pull of my great-grandfather’s restaurant as a design inspiration for the eating areas – and the photos in that post are 8 x 10 so I’d love to get them framed for the dining room. The one thing I can’t figure out is lighting – I’m thinking a vintage chandelier over the table, but haven’t found one yet that isn’t too fussy.


Roman Shades // Italian Gilt Tole Sconces // Marble & Brass Tray // Era Round Chair // Benjamin Moore Silver Fox Paint // Astier de Villatte Candle // Pewter Flatware // Mismatched Champagne Coupes // Tin Ceiling Tile // Ship Painting

seaside weekend

seaweedwindowIt’s been over a month since we spent a 3 day weekend in Maine & I’m just putting up photos now. Yes. Ok. It’s a nice reminder that outside of the hectic craziness that is my job, summer exists.

We went to Montreal last weekend and have been trying to be better about exploring New England and taking quick & inexpensive trips (Montreal was only 1/2 a tank of gas!), but on the weekends we mostly just want to be in our house. Sad but true! Any New Englanders out there have recommendations?  We’ll do a day trip back to the seaside before the summer is out, at least. I need my ocean times!

The photos in this post are all Wiscasset – Damariscotta –  Rockland area.

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