1920s Seaside Resort Style


Watching all of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series in a row


wanting nothing but sand and sun


I’m really into the 1920′s seaside resort vibe hitting the shops right now.

Tant pis, I’m stuck in a polar vortex. A girl can dream, though, and count down the days until Palm Springs.
Parker Palm Springs hotel // Plate Necklace // Sel Marin Eau De Parfum // Silk Rope Print Tank Top // Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses // Vionnet T-shirt // Samantha Grisdale Clutch // Tortoiseshell Buckle Bracelet // Lipstick // Sun hat // Sailor Trousers // Chloe Dress // Passport Holder // Tabitha Simmons flats // Link Bracelet //  Military Green Pleated Skirt // Wool Sweater // Link Bracelet // Rope Handle Tote //  Mother of Pearl Sunglasses // Swimsuit // Gold Snake Print Sandals

Holiday Wrap Up


We had our holiday early, dubbing it “Ferromas” and starting a new tradition. The boys & my brother stayed in the guest house for the week, with the exception of Christmas Day, when they went to their mother’s house. Lots of lazy laying around, reading, building snow sculptures, dart crossbow championships, and cocoa drinking. I’m not ready to head back to work Thursday, at all. Isn’t it hibernation time? Zzzz.

holiday cheer


Not quite feeling the holiday spirit yet, so I’m gathering up all the moments from the past few weeks that bring the holiday cheer. I have eggnog, a holiday mix, & a wood stove: get cheery, little heart!

sled train bergdorfs vergennesclementine cake tree2 tartanwoodstock2 hydrangeateabourbon now

Gift Guide for…Your Fancy Friend


1. Fig + Yarrow lip sheen ($10) // 2. Reiko Kaneko Mug ($28) // 3. Taylors of Harrogate tea ($10) // 4. Les Toiles du Soleil pouch ($26) // 5. Dark Side of the Moon Earrings ($88) // 6. Kaweco fountain pen ($20) // 7. Touchscreen Leather Gloves ($118) // 8. Charbonnel et Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles ($24) // 9. French Style ($44) // 10. Diorific Nail Vernis in Marilyn ($26) // 11. Good Morning silk sleep mask ($28) // 12. Little Black Book notebook ($60) // 13. Armenian Burning Paper ($28) // 14. Bakelite Champagne Bottle Stopper ($75) // 15. Red Leather Tassel ($25)  // 16. Mad et Len candle ($85)

NYC Dream Day

bgview2 I’m pretty predictable – give me a fancy café, pretty architecture, and a coupe of champagne, and I’ll declare any day a dream day. But really, there’s a special magic that comes with just wandering the city, with good company and great conversation. On Friday, Shilo met me bright and early and we started at Little Collins, lunched at Bergdorf, and wandered the West Village, wrapping it up with a glass of champagne at Jeffrey’s. She dropped me off for macrobiotic dinner time with Jenna & Anna, which was the perfect end to a perfect day.

bg bg2 bgviewaedes aedes2 greenery jefferys kirnazabete sign stables

On Saturday, I realized I’d seriously strained my Achilles tendon (Don’t do this, it hurts) but still managed to trek up to Café Sabarsky, read my book a bit while having breakfast, head back down Madison for a little holiday shopping and a stop at Ladurée (there’s one opening in Soho in mid-November!), and a little loop through the park before collapsing completely in the Champagne Bar at the Plaza, where I sat for 3+ hours in the afternoon, reading and having snacks and sorbet and champagne. I tried to rally, but ended up at the airport 4 hours early in utter exhaustion & pain. It was worth it! But really, next time: sneakers?

plazasabarskyhalloween lionplaza2

I’ve started an NYC Places pin board, with some of the places I’ve loved the last few trips, and ideas for next time. My goal post-move was to go twice a year, we’ve been back in Vermont 2 years now and I’ve gone 6 times – 5 of those for work. I jump at every chance to visit, I really do feel the presence of my grandparents with me when I go to the places they took me when I was little. And the time spent with ladies I feel connected and cozy with is amazing.