The Prince of Cats


I’ve talked a bit on here about Huey and his special magic. I’m beyond heartbroken to let you all know that we lost him to another bad blood clot a week and a half ago. He made it 1 year 10 months from his first bad clot, when they gave him 3-6 months tops. He was only 6 and a half years old, still young in kitten years. It wasn’t enough time, but he was still a miracle kitty to us. And yes, lost, because I am wandering from room to room looking for him. He was one in a million in a world of cats, that extra-magic, extra-conscious knowing kind of cat. I will miss him forever.  

The Freer Gallery: DC Inspiration

freer1Hello friends. I’ve been working crazy hours and haven’t really had the mental space to stop and think about blogging here, but I’m trying to force myself to create a better work/life balance. Since I last posted one million years ago, I’ve headed out to California twice and spent a really incredible 3 days in Washington, DC for work. The entire trip was just phenomenally inspiring – a brief meeting with Senator Gillibrand had me politically starry eyed, boggling at her intelligence, poise, graciousness, and really, really amazing office. New life goal?

While in DC, I grabbed a few hours to myself (after a 14 hour whirlwind day of working!) and headed to the Freer Gallery and the botanical gardens for a spiritual pick me up. I left wanting to surround myself with the palest blues & softest sands, with golden touches. freer4freer3freer2freer_inspirationBenjamin Moore Glass Slipper // Faux bois table // Astier de Villatte tea set   // AERIN pendant lamp // Silk pillow //  Mata Hari fragrance // Celadon jars // Elephant salt & pepper shaker // Stone urn // Fermob Bench // Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige

1920s Seaside Resort Style


Watching all of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series in a row


wanting nothing but sand and sun


I’m really into the 1920′s seaside resort vibe hitting the shops right now.

Tant pis, I’m stuck in a polar vortex. A girl can dream, though, and count down the days until Palm Springs.
Parker Palm Springs hotel // Plate Necklace // Sel Marin Eau De Parfum // Silk Rope Print Tank Top // Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses // Vionnet T-shirt // Samantha Grisdale Clutch // Tortoiseshell Buckle Bracelet // Lipstick // Sun hat // Sailor Trousers // Chloe Dress // Passport Holder // Tabitha Simmons flats // Link Bracelet //  Military Green Pleated Skirt // Wool Sweater // Link Bracelet // Rope Handle Tote //  Mother of Pearl Sunglasses // Swimsuit // Gold Snake Print Sandals

Holiday Wrap Up


We had our holiday early, dubbing it “Ferromas” and starting a new tradition. The boys & my brother stayed in the guest house for the week, with the exception of Christmas Day, when they went to their mother’s house. Lots of lazy laying around, reading, building snow sculptures, dart crossbow championships, and cocoa drinking. I’m not ready to head back to work Thursday, at all. Isn’t it hibernation time? Zzzz.

holiday cheer


Not quite feeling the holiday spirit yet, so I’m gathering up all the moments from the past few weeks that bring the holiday cheer. I have eggnog, a holiday mix, & a wood stove: get cheery, little heart!

sled train bergdorfs vergennesclementine cake tree2 tartanwoodstock2 hydrangeateabourbon now