oh, follies!!

Lifelong obsession with the Ziegfeld Follies, obviously. (My BA focus was costume design!) I just came across this photo site with so much inspiration & hundreds of photos! I want to make magical costumes again!!!! Inspire! Hide in my little tower and sew sew sew sew! How can magic like this not still exist? How can I not dress like this every single day?? This the vintage period I love the most – a little strange, smoky edges and tarnished sparkles.

Witchy gypsy magic powers!


Tamara Geva & I would be great friends, I can tell.

mae-davis-090-ziegfeld-follies-c1920-scanMae Davis. Can I have these tights please?

marion-benda-090b-from-florodoragirlAnd Marion Benda’s smoky vaseline eyes.


princess-white-deer-090-1921-by-eo-hoppePrincess White Deer!

nellie-donegan-001-by-apedaNellie Donegan. WHAT is happening here?

margaret-morris-may-leslie-1916-ny-tribune-frolic-photo-bettyMargaret Morris & May Leslie. Also here. Hmmmm.

virginia-biddle-092d-by-acj-johnVirginia Biddle. Such a gypsy obsession then!

doris-eaton-095a-ziegfeld-folliesDoris Eaton! Have you read this amazing book?

dolly-sisters-093a-c1923-paris-revue-by-james-abbeDolly sisters!

marie-prevost-002a-by-acj-origMarie Prevost!

marjorie-leet-002a-by-acj-origMarjorie Leet is the prettiest thing ever!

Ok, really I could go on forever! But instead, you peruse, and I’ll get to sewing!!


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