new england wedding

I know it’s wedding frenzy up in here, and I apologize, but Dori just sent the photos from her New Hampshire wedding on August 28th. The dress I made her looks SO GOOD, and she says; “I got dressed outside. it was a farm for crying out loud- there was no where else to do it! Everyone was insane with love for my dress. It was so loved and miraculously after eating cupcakes and square dancing and sitting on the ground at the fire pit, it looks the same, no dirt or smudges or schmutz. It is a total magicked dress for real!”

045a1a5126dresshuppahMore of these totally delicious and amazing and mindblowing photos on the blog of the photographer, Libby Lewis.

I can’t believe how many details she has that we have also planned! Like hankies for guests, and birch pillars. Witchling family weddings! I am so excited to see them both at my wedding, and wish I could have gone home for this one. I haven’t even looked through 1/8th of the wedding photos she sent (the whole gallery) and my eyes are filled with beauty and wonderment!

I just keep getting more and more excited to the point of almost crying when I think about seeing all my friends — so many people have moved to far-flung places, getting them all in one place requires a dang wedding.


    1. Yes! If you look at the post from yesterday it links to another one. Now, to make my own, and then maybe my wedding dress making career is over for awhile – until the next friend gets married!

  1. You’re killing me with your New England wedding goodness, and the wedding dresses! Especially the wedding dresses, given my current obsession.

    I am so excited to see what your dress ends up looking like. Honestly, I wish you were going into a wedding-dress-making-for-sane-people business so that I could hire you.

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