New Desk, New Philosophy


With a new job comes a new desk! If I’m going to be spending 40 hours a week somewhere, I should take the time to make it as pleasing as I make my house. I haven’t always done this at past offices, but something clicked recently.

Step #1 is ergonomics, but once that’s set, it’s all about setting up a space that inspires and refreshes. There’s a couple things I’ve noticed about my at home work space that I’d like to replicate once I’m settled into the new office.

1. Personal touches. One of my favorite things about my desk at home is a row of silver framed family photos. When I sit down to work at home, I feel cozy, calm, and recharged. Is it because I have a pretty ironstone teacup by my side, or because my desk cubbies are filled with stacks of things that inspire me? I don’t know, but I’m going to try to keep my office desk organized and cozy!

2. Flowers. I treat myself to flowers at home, but never at work. Why? I spend more time at my work desk than any other single place.

3. Inspiration. I like having a real life pinboard – there’s something about staring at non-screen things to kickstart creativity.

4. The  boring stuff. For real, though, ergonomics and making sure you don’t get eye strain is super important. Take it from the blind hunchbacked lady!

1. Clip Lamp // 2.  Jonathan Adler Frame // 3. Gold Mini Binder 4.  Jotting Cards // 5. Tuileries Mug // 6. Midori Brass Pen // 7. Christofle Flash Drive 8. Brass Pencil Case  // 9. Cork Board// 10. Oji Masanori Brass Stationary Tray // 11. Gold Mouse Pad




  1. I’ve been struggling a lot with this at my job, too. We work in a pretty typical office building, so there’s nothing that inspiring about my surroundings… I need to work in more desk items that I actually like! I did bring in one of my favorite ceramic mugs, right from the beginning, and it helps a lot. I love all of your brass pieces here!

  2. So many pretty things! I love the brass and pinks. I’m lucky that my boss shelled out for uber-expensive (and comfy) aeron chairs and big flat screens, but other than that my cubicle is just like any other sad, depressing, florescent lit box. You’ve inspired me to make it homier. It makes sense, and I’ve been here for years and years, don’t know why I’ve never done it.

  3. This is such perfect timing- I start a new job tomorrow too (good luck!) and have been thinking about how I want my office to feel. There is no natural light, so color and lamps, instead of the overhead lights, will be really important I think. And I agree about the flowers- why not?

    1. Good luck to you as well! I have NO idea what to expect lamp wise – I’ve seen my desk/cube and it’s in a well lit room, but lamps are so, so much better than overhead lights.

  4. Tamera – I LOVE that cork board! I am buying it immediately for my desk at work. I recently changed from a job where I had my own office with my own lamp lighting to a cube , and I’m really struggling with the blahs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. This is so true! I have never spent the time decorating my desk even though it’s the place in which I spend most of my day, as you said! In my case I would really change everything, desk included (It’s one of those shiny white cheap desks with a two side plastic drawers) so it doesn’t make me want to decorate, to begin with… ahah

  6. I’ve been in my job for about two months now, and STILL keep forgetting to bring in things to spruce up my deeply uninspiring desk/surrounds. Thanks for the reminder! Fresh flowers might get me a few raised eyebrows, but actually who cares?

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