more nonsense about doors

This isn’t a before & after so much as a test run – and not a very good one at that. The plan is to rip down everything that isn’t brick on the house and rebuild from the ground up. Neither extension – both built between 1900 & 1920 – has a foundation, one doesn’t have insulation, it’s just really bad. However, that project is a huge, huge undertaking and isn’t going to happen for a long time.

I’ve decided to start painting random bits, like this door, just to get an idea of how things will look. When we rebuild, I’d like charcoal siding and black trim as paint colors on the wood / new construction. We’ll paint black trim on the brick this summer. I do like it better than white here, so that’s a good start.

I also have plans to paint the kitchen, my closet, and the bathroom over holiday break – all rooms that will be destroyed eventually, but why not make them as decent as possible with minimal expense/effort in the meantime?


  1. The black is SUCH a huge improvement. My back door is the only one in the house that isn’t original (and it’s super ugly…molded steel with fake muntins), but painting it black on the outside at least made it tolerable until we can afford to replace the whole thing.

    I painted the rooms I eventually destroyed, too. You just never know how long it’ll take to get to the reno work, and no one should have to get ready in a hospital green bathroom in the mean time (which is what was going on my my downstairs bathroom…ugh).

    1. Yeah, this one is metal / plastic too, obviously.

      I kept thinking “oh, why bother” and then realized it’ll improve my mental health to not have closet / dressing room with mismatched purple wallpaper or a turquoise bathroom. The sellers actually redid the bathroom tile in yellow and turquoise (remnant tile?) as if anyone would like that? Gross. So I’ll paint everything I can white, but the tile will still be yuck. I’m tempted to see if you can paint tile. (It’s only in the shower, the tub is white and we’ll probably keep the tub for the new bathroom.)

  2. I think it’s funny how you consider painting minimal work. I mean, in comparison to tearing parts down and rebuilding, I see your point. But oh my goodness, painting is so much more work than it seems like it will be.

    I’m really like the black on red here with the door and outside walls. What color is the door from the inside?

    1. Oh man, painting is so easy compared to what needs to be done. What was I thinking buying a place this old!!!

      Over break I’ll paint both side doors black inside and out – the one on the other side is BLUE, for god’s sake. I’ll paint the kitchen (what they open into) white. It’s yellow now. Or beige. Or yeige.

      1. YEIGE! That is a word that I have needed in my life for a long time. I can stop arguing with my bestie about whether or not the mug we kept the spare key in is yellow or beige. It’s yeige! Obviously. You have saved our relationship. And your black door and brick is looooovely.

  3. I love black doors and black houses. I’m really looking forward to watching what you do with your place. The finished bits you’ve posted so far already look so homey and cozy. It is giving me the home shopping urge again, and that is looking like an impossibility where we currently are, so I am instead going to live it vicariously through you.

  4. That looks so good! We just put in an offer on a house built in 1919. It’s not at all for sure yet, but if it works out I have a feeling I’ll be digging around in your archives for advice. If we get this house, we’ll have a lot of majors and minors to deal with, including a mustard vinyl siding and brown trim situation. I can’t wait, to be honest.

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