I was asked to guest blog a Top 10 list for the great design blog Hiss & Hearse, a collaborative project from cutie design power couple Kristin Cofer & Richard Wayne. She’s a stunning photographer, he’s a writer and style blogger for ModCloth!

I went a little outside the realm of design, but brought it all back to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so that’s ok.
Read Top 10 ways to beat the Mean Reds!

It’s been on my mind because I just chugged through a sludgy time, and now am on an upswing back into the cosmic hum. It’s hard not to get stuck in those doldrums, but it really does take an active push into the realm of the living to get out! I made myself go rock climbing with my friend Sophia — she’s super great and encouraging, without being pushy! So on Monday, I’ll get a membership to the climbing gym, and hopefully begin a regular routine of yoga and climbing! I’ve never been great on exercise, but I feel really driven and excited by the idea right now, so I hope it sticks.

Speaking of routines, for the first time in my life I have some really amazing ones. On Wednesday I have Family Dinner, with 2 close friends and the most adorable 6 year old ever. On Saturday mornings I get an early brunch with Francesca and Emma and start the weekend in an awesome mood. It makes me feel good to always have those touch points, and it also makes me get out of the house more!! There are a couple other events I want to keep up with regularity — witch teas, and writing salons! I’ve never been good at consistency, so this is so good for me and helps me feel grounded!

lyell 2008(image from Lyell 2008)

I also have a worktime routine – Goodwill at lunch every other day!! Today was the best Goodwill run in awhile: a black chiffon 1930s style Lyell dress (seriously!!?!?!?!) that fits like a dream, a super dreamy 1930s pink slip, 1990s black floral romper, Nanette Lepore silk top, 1940s style Ann Taylor black and white polka dot dress. Oh dear. I better keep adding things to Etsy to counter-balance my spending!

What are your routines? What to you feel it brings to your life?


  1. some girls just get all the luck thrifting! <3

    fortunately, the mean reds aren’t as frequent for me these days, but i was so excited to see that you listed midnight bike rides, list making, francesca lia block…all things i rely on at certain times. and sleep, the near-panacea. since i no longer have a bath tub for long soaks, sleep has become my reset button for the very worst moods, and it always helps at least somewhat.

  2. wowzers that sounds like some haul. can’t wait to see it all.

    good list over at Hiss and Hearse – to cure the mean reds, i like walking by the sea, getting my hands in the soil and making bread. but a bath and an early night can be a real tonic just as well.

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