mermaid tidepools

I am slow on blogging! We drove up to the tidepools in Salt Point National Park last weekend.  We’ve been managing to get some wedding things done, so that’s good, but still so hectic. I swear, all I think about right now is “Do wedding things! List Etsy! Get day job projects done!” I need a proper vacation. But this helps!! Mama Ocean beckons! We needed magical sea-life discovery time, so I’m so so glad I stopped beating myself up for taking a dang day off. (Have you read Becca’s awesome post about taking a break from wedding planning on Souris Mariage? So good. Also applies to, you know, LIFE.)

coastmoonmoon3moon4Moonrocks. The cove used to be called Moonrock Cove, I guess? I cannot imagine why!

moon5moon6anenomeNature! You’re so crazy!!!

clawcrabsThe teeny wee babies had black and white striped legs and the big ones bright blue.

starfishI couldn’t figure out how to capture the mermaid grotto below on film – I should have video-ed it. Every possible color of green, all swaying and moving with the tides in different directions…


Resting on a fallen log.seanspotthebirdSpot the tiny bird?

We always stop at this ice cream parlour in Petaluma. sundaepietrasuresTreasures.


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