many ghosts


Dia de los Muertos, San Francisco. Writing about it is kind of like talking during the procession, it’s too difficult, strange. Everyone swirling in their own heads and spheres, separate in a sea of thousands of skeletons, dancing around the demons, communing with the ancestors. So here are evidences of the spirits all around us, and some songs to continue your dance.


Dambala Δ Exuma
Red Sky Δ Wooden Veil
Hassan I Sahba Δ Hawkwind
Rain Dance Δ The Very Best
Deathshead Hawkmoth Δ Magic Lantern
Cycle/Circle Δ Mythical Beast
Many Ghosts Δ Akron/Family
Kneel To The Cross Δ Agalloch
Encante Δ Yoga
Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground Δ  Antony & The Johnsons


  1. so many pretty faces and colours. this is so perfect!

    i need a night like this – earthly abandon and dance and sing and spiritual communion and loving under a november moon. my mother crept into my dreams in the morning of november first – right on cue? it’s been a little while, and i’ve needed to see her. weird, but i won’t question it.

  2. another perfect playlist! very restorative when i can sit down with some smokey (“witch’s broom”!) puerh and reflect on all the people that make my life good.

  3. So, so special… This is such an incredible tradition- it inspires me to make more happen here. Thank you for the perfect rainy ghosts + candles music too. Beautiful.

  4. Wow. Such a beautiful, magickal set of songs…. thank you, thank you – for the playlist, and for sharing your spirit journeys through this wonderful blog of yours. :)
    I did feel the need to note that the C93 song that you included (at least, the one that downloaded for me) was ‘Happy Birthday Pigface Christus’ instead of ‘Black Flowers Please’ …. in case it makes a difference to you. 😉
    Thank you again for sharing these bits and treasures from your lovely world with the rest of us. With bloom and broom, in light and shadow….


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