magpie palette no. 3

Hello hello! some bits & pieces I’ve been meaning to share on a rainy day, and it is indeed a rainy day!


Magpie palette moodboard from recent thrift finds & various bits. Click to enlarge.

ysl copyBow chain handbag, YSL belt, string of pearls, Maggy London dress: destined for the shop.

walletWallet, for me.

IMG_9350Hand me downs from my aunt!

IMG_0881I can’t decide, shop or keep? So comfy, my size, look amazing with jeans…but I have SO MANY shoes.

IMG_0837Paul Stuart silk top with bows, vintage navy wool skirt with suspenders, for the shop. I need a sunny day with some spare time for a major photo session!


  1. Ooh, I may have to declare “shoal” as my new favourite colour! Although I am sure I have heard it used to describe…something…I don’t think I ever actually was able to envision it. Not as flat as navy blue, not as purple-prosey as midnight blue – I quite love it.

    …and I must know! What, praytell, is that mysterious elixir/tincturein the bottle labeled “burdock and dandelion”?

  2. i vote to sell the shoes, simply based on the number of shoes you have right now. perhaps you can weed out a pair you already have so you don’t have a net addition to the collection? ultimately i’d say it depends on how much you will be upset to let them go. maybe save for a bit and see how you end up feeling about them.

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