magpie palette no.1

I’ve mentioned this before, when I go thrifting I notice that unconsciously I come out with color schemes and combinations – one day I’ll pick up all green and gold objects, the next all lilac and grey. Inspired by the 100 Layer Cake blog moodboards, I’ve decided to start a series of treasure boards whenever I notice this happening, for color references later!

Clockwise from top right: tiny Elizabethan ruff doll, blue painted tray; Agfa camera, dominoes that were my grandfather’s, antique yellow frosted glass bottle with silver top, small leather belt bag; antique carved frame; vintage yellow enamel cups made in Poland; yellow linen sundress, Victorian unfinished bodice with boning, tiny black velvet spangled cap.

The remaining 3 photos are: found vintage, a shot of Wendy Addison’s Theatre of Dreams shop, and an interior from (I think) Skona Hem.


  1. Yam yam yam!
    I want to eat those colors and things up!
    This is a great idea- I need to start implementing
    something similar with all the treasures from Uncommon Objects.. So much volume, though!
    It’s so magical when you have to go out into the world
    hunting for fragments. For lining the nest!

  2. Angel: That would be a good way to making palettes! I wanted to document the way my eye works while collecting thrifts though, I’ll get home and realize everything is black and lilac and gold, or cherry red and celery — etc etc. It’s interesting! Is it that the first item I find informs the rest of my looking, or is it that how I feel on a certain day changes what I pick up to keep??

  3. hmm, as someone who thrifts on a daily basis, i don’t know how these colour groups appear. but they do. and i think that is very pleasing.

    i like this group of things.

    at the moment i am drawn to soft powder grey, peach, apricot and coral.

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