magisch venster

So one phenomenal thing about the internet, to me, is how much heartstopping magic is out there that we’d never know about, really. I feel like almost every day there is something that actually makes my heart hurt with joy or recognition or just plain human bedazzlement, this wonder at what we are and what we can create, and something I can’t put my finger on – for those of you who read Emily of New Moon as wee ones, the flash — I can’t even describe it, I actually feel like I am hyperventilating & it’s not just “oh, that’s cool.” but more like this is something that is fundamentally integral to my being on this planet and how we are all woven together.

For some reason this is coming to me: I had a dream once where I was somewhere far away, like Iceland or Mars or something, and a woman walked into the room and I was SO excited to see her, and was filled with a warm recognition and joy and we embraced and just felt good knowing the other was there. When I woke up, I realized where I recognized her from – another dream I’d had years ago.

Anyway. Here are some recent glimpses into the magical underpinnings of our universal mythology ~

1.Lüsterweibchen~ Um, antler wings??!! This totally feeds into my bird-woman obsession as well.  (via enoughrope)




2. Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands ~ Maybe it’s just that Dutch is so amazing : Spook op de Zeedijk? Come on. But maybe it’s the fistfuls of PANTHERS or the performing bears (must rescue) or babies in wooden shoes.


3. Borgund Stave Church ~ because Balinese witches snuck into Norway via broom in the 12th century?? (via stellarbaby)


4. Sanna Annukka, Marimekko, & the Kalevala ~ Um, yes. Please. I was freaking about this last year, and now it’s out!! Not that I can afford the panel below, sigh. Speaking of Marimekko, I mini-splurged on this today. Thanks, Vivi.


5. This is not really 5, but there’s a clear theme here I did not notice until I made this list. That’s a little odd. Hello, cosmic hum!! Likewise, I noticed today that when I thrift, I tend to gather groupings of colors – not on purpose, and they don’t match between days, just THAT day’s thrifts all blend together in this totally magical way. It’s really odd. I’m going to start documenting them, I think, but I’m totally bad at taking photos of piles of fabric in my silly dark house. Here is today’s.

What makes you have this feeling? What synchronicities have you been noticing?


  1. coincidences remind me that there is harmony. i always see things in multiples. or i learn about something new and then i see it in many places where it never was before. i love that it is startling at first, then reassuring.

  2. the first paragraph completely sums up why i am utterly in love with the internet (despite some of its pitfalls). it is such an invaluable resource and comfort to me. my brain feels a little bit bigger and my soul a little more cradled in something fundamentally familiar, each day.

  3. This is more sketcy than fleshy, but my recently renewed interest in the work of Amy Balkin has brought synchronicity around UNESCO, Howard Zinn, saunas, public commons, and cooperatives, all threading and tying into each other and, oddly, through weekend birthday party hopping.

  4. I know what you mean to see something that is so beautiful that it makes your heart hurt..that’s how I felt when I saw those bird woman sculptures! I must do my own version of that it’s so fantastic and speaks to me. As for synchronicities I’ll have to get back to you on that one..I’ll think of something as soon as I leave..that’s been the case lately~ that and seeing broken clocks.

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