Today is the longest day ever and it’s still happening!!! Woke up bright and early this morning to meet Kate for whirlwind trip to Port Costa before getting on a plane to Seattle. Port Costa, I love you. Tiny witchy ghost town magics.


Theatre of Dreams was having a rare open house, so we marveled and wondered and gasped over tiny treasures, wandered streets and train tracks, made plans for secret hidden family towns in the middle of nowhere, a space where we can do what we love and take care of everything we need outside of the world in general.










Now I’m in Seattle for a work weekend – with my coworker having girls slumber party at Hotel Andra. Chocolate custard ice cream in bed with perfect crisp white sheets & listening to her random cutie iPod indie music. Tomorrow we wake up and work & get manicures and run around Seattle (crisp! fall! cold! yay!) before epic crazy work day on Monday.

Good night!!!


  1. Gosh, I love Port Costa. I went once when I was visiting my friend Caroline. I can’t wait to move closer so I can visit it more. There were so many bats and a haunted playground!

    Have a good time in Seattle! There’s lots of good thrifting in the surrounding areas.

  2. oh those photographs! i die! Theatre of Dreams? amazing! it all sounds rather splendid – esp the ice cream and crisply lux hotel bed. who is this boy?

  3. We’re only here for a second! Less than 48 hours. I want to take a train to Vancouver soonnnnn. Maybe for Valentine’s Day next year. Yes, my life is that chaoticly planned out.

  4. amazing and amazingness. do you have a magickal practice yourself? you’ve hinted at it, but i don’t think you’ve ever said for sure

    1. thank you! I do, I don’t talk much about it. It’s cobbled together from mother-teachings, beliefs I’ve had since childhood, and general being-raised-in-the-woods-ness. It’s interesting how we all have different practicesbut similar paths – i was just speaking to someone last night who is very based in old egypt/middle eastern practices and yet the same themes were coming up in his meditations that have been in mine recently…

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