Life List Goal I didn’t know I had until I did it

boat When my brother suggested a few weekends ago that we boat up the Connecticut River to Cedar Circle Farm, tie off on their dock, and walk across the fields for some freshly pressed cider and donuts, it sounded like the best idea in the world. All those childhood books about river living (Mr. Toad & Ratty, hello) came rushing back and now it seems like a really good life goal to live on a river, get a little boat, and only shop at places that have docks. It’s doable, right?

IMG_3616 IMG_3676 IMG_3669 IMG_3624 IMG_3630sign pumpkins IMG_3637



  1. It’s possible, in that land where it’s always summer but no humidity or insects allowed.

    What beautiful pictures. This is what it’s like in the Swedish Archipelago, not a river, but islands dotting a bay and everyone boating everywhere they go.

  2. That looks like an incredible daytrip! Although, sometimes I wonder if having good friends with boats is even better than owning one :)

    Our friend took us through the hurricane barrier in Providence on their boat a few weeks ago – seeing the city by boat is not something I ever thought I’d do but it was incredible – it’s crazy how different things can look from the water!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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