letters from paris

I’ll have so so so many actual photos to edit and put up when I return (and i’m shooting some film, even! we’ll see how it turns out) but for now, i’m putting up a few iPhone shots on flickr when I think of it.


I was fluctuating toward misery for the first week – running around, having to work, not having any time to myself, feeling stressed and out of place – now, on my 2nd day of ACTUAL vacation, I’m excited to be here – and I only have 2 days left!! Oh well, I will pack in things to see!




  1. i’m so happy you’re finally getting some you time in paris, bébé. i can’t wait to see all the photos!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I always end up not having any time to vacation when I travel for work, so I’m glad you’re getting in some touristy time.

  3. I love the phone pictures! You with the baguette makes me think of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, which I am devouring right now. Mick Kelly is always talking about going to Paris where people carry around bread not wrapped up in anything.

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