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Today is, oddly, my 10th anniversary of blogging. Luckily most of it is tucked away private on LiveJournal, because whew! when I read back, it makes me want to just tuck my smaller self into a little nest. Anyway!

I am here to tell you that my fancier half has started his own blog – Leaf & Arrow. The name comes from combining our last names – Lee-Ferro, Leaf Arrow. I’m excited to see what he blogs about. He ALSO had a secret blog when we met, and I’ve never seen it. Hmmm, what will the inner workings reveal???


  1. Yay–nice design and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I once asked how you two had met, since you seem at least from blogtales so perfectly matched. You answered that it was somewhat scandalous and not time yet to tell that story… Not o be presumptuous or too bold, but if you ever feel moved to tell your love story it would be a delight to read! I always wonder how magic creative folk meet their partners in life-making and cozy nesting.

    1. haha, not scandalous really – we met at work and hadn’t let our coworkers know yet! we kept it secret up until a few months before the wedding.

      we really are ridiculously matched – though he wasn’t what i was expecting at ALL – and maybe that’s how I knew it was right?

  2. Your Mister is so well-written!! I often try to convince my gentleman friend that he should start some sort of writing outlet but I think that he does not take me seriously.

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