kings point playland

I’m so behind! I have one million things to write about, but I’m also knee deep in taxes, business projects, art projects, and general hermitude. Anyone reading this in the Bay Area – come have tea with me. I need interaction!

However, onward! Or rather, backward!! New Year’s Eve was spent with some of my favorite people – Kevin’s family. We got there in the late afternoon, everyone dressed up, and we went out to Kings Point Playland, an amazing evening put together by El Radio Fantastique. Toby’s Feed Barn was transformed into a 1930’s behind the scenes circus, with games, burlesque dancers, accordions, fire spinners, and music, of course! I was one of 4 finalists for the ladies’ costume contest, but I did not win.


1930’s silk velvet dress from the lovely Angela Sue!








A good start to a new year!! I’m a little slow in feeling like it’s time to start fresh, but I’m working on moving through some things holding me back!


  1. I painted that moon and sky that you are standing in front of at the King’s Point Playground. It turned out looking a bit more diabolical that I had imagined!
    My longest (as in, known longest) friend was the photographer.
    Small world…

  2. ms kai smart, we are meant to be friends! the world keeps running circles around us!

    i will plan a tea party soon, plus i am looking into getting a car! adventures!

  3. I absolutely agree!
    I think you should meet my friend Rosey too. She was the photographer. She works at a vintage store in Oakland and goes to CCA for photography. She and I were moutain hippie babies together, and now she lives in Alameda, CLOSE to YOU!
    Ha ha. Here I am recommending friends to you when I haven’t even met you!

    I love tea AND I got my car FIXED! Hoorah!

  4. Yes! Her boyfriend??? and mine actually knew each other, and Kevin wants to get his email. I think he was going to write her on flickr, though? She commented on the photo she took!

    Maybe February 8th for the next tea party? My house is small, I keep trying to get Elly to host it in her loft (I’d like to do a revolving tea, we’ve done 2 here and one at Mary Ann’s) but if it’s nice and we can go outside, that works too, as long as my landlady isn’t using the garden…

    I should get your email address, maybe flickr mail me?

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