It IS all good


We picked up Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook on Saturday to try to get into healthier eating. Of course, the first thing Sean made was a cake. But it’s a gluten free, no refined sugar, vegan cake. WHAT? I think Gwynnie might be a witch, because this cake is fluffy and huge and nothing like a brick. Madness. (I might add strawberries between the layers when frosting to make it just a touch more moist, but hey. It’s still delicious.)

We made the quinoa/kale/poached egg breakfast the next day to balance it out. So good. Can’t wait to try more recipes!



  1. We have this cookbook, too, and I was super suspect of it when Max brought it home, but it’s actually great! Everything we’ve made has been really yummy (the forbidden rice made with coconut milk—OMG) and pretty simple! I’m a fan.

    Also, that cake looks DOPE. I want.

  2. Oh wow that cake! I want to try it could you maybe share the recipe sometime? I might have to add that list to my birthday wishlist….

  3. I’m equally interested in that breakfast. I don’t think I can eat another bowl of oatmeal ever again, but that quinoa/kale/egg combination sounds tempting!

  4. I keep hearing sooooo many good things about this book.

    As a cook book addict I’ll probably succumb, and this cake (and the rice that Daniel described) means sooner than later.

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