into the garden

It’s spring & the garden is in bloom!! Angeliska’s post reminded me to speak with my lovely landlady and Urban Homesteader, Ruby, about planting some things in a small patch of earth. How exciting, it’s been awhile since I’ve had space.

What shall I plant? There’s so much here already, rosemary and mint and calendula and sage and mugwort and lavender and and and and…


Peas! Growing up my mother strung twine from the porch roof and grew them in planters, leading the little curls up. It was one of my favoriting things to do, wrapping the curled tendrils around the twine. An extension of my terrible hair twirling habit!!


Rose geranium! When it gets a little bigger, I will make rose geranium cakes & lemonade!


Green shoots on the apple tree…


And blossoms on the nectarine.



  1. are your roommates with ruby? i took one of her beekeepin’ classes last year and just today started building a hive based on her specs. synchronicity, or maybe there’s just too much spring.

  2. Oh how I long for a garden of the outdoor variety! I love my place, but it is smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver. I think it’s time to find a little house with a yard and fruit trees! Maybe a goat or two! That’s my dream! I’ve got to get out of the city…

  3. i figured since you’re such a witchy woman, you might try something from the witch’s garden collection… but i’ll see what i can do… 😉

    sight: bluebells, foxgloves, wild columbine, and california poppies (i miss them!)

    smell: lavender and white sage (ohhhhhh)

    taste: wild bergamot (which i’d never heard of! v. intriguing)

    now i just want to roll around in a field of flowers… but all i’ve got are puddles. sighhh…

  4. oooh, peas are so much fun to grow! i love their leetle curly tendrils! and i’m excited about this rose geranium lemonade!

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