1. I just read your letter to your wedding. I think you are my new favorite blog, you are hilarious. Not to mention an artistic genius, your wedding seems totally worth it!

  2. your wedding (just the sheer gutsiness of it all- not to mention how beautifully and fully original it was) so inspired me as a fledgling diy bride-to-be months and months ago. i credit some of the risks i took with my own handmade, handcrafted, sweaty til til the last damn minute but it was all so glorious! wedding directly to your example. and your wise, funny and way too true letter to your wedding was just what i needed to read when i was having a post wedding meltdown thinking of just how very god awful hard it was to make everything so great, and how hard it was to feel both emotions so intensely at the same time. you are my own personal wedding patron saint and i wanted to say thank you.

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