his & hers: travel essentials


Both Sean and I travel a fair amount for work – I spent last week in NYC and he’s just returned from DC – which means tiny commuter planes and carry on luggage only. His Filson was an anniversary present 2 years ago, my Dooney & Bourke weekender was an impulse purchase at the (amazing) Cabazon outlets in Palm Springs when I needed an extra bag for all my thrift finds. I use it constantly and LOVE it. It’s great size, easy to carry, sturdy canvas twill, made in the USA, and the inside is bright red with lots of pockets.

Other business travel essentials for me include a baseball cap to cover unruly travel ponytails, a lightweight scarf to hide in, more lip balm than you can shake a stick at, and driving mocs for extra comfort & security lane speediness. His input? Fun socks, a good travel shave kit so he doesn’t have to unpack his dopp kit when he gets home, a great magazine, and sunglasses to hide behind.

Hers: Caudalie Beauty Elixir // Tweed baseball cap // World of Interiors // Cuyana Travel Case Set  // Silk & cashmere scarf  // bobble filtered water bottle //  Nuxe Rouge Charismatic lip balm // Dooney & Bourke weekender // Tod’s Gommini driver (dream version, or try these for the budget version)

His: Sailwax navy dopp kit // Blackjack gum // Filson bag // Persol sunglasses // Air corps socks // Port magazine //  Leather iPad sleeve // Travel toothbrush & sanitizer // Shave set



  1. I need to go buy that Caudalie spray asap.
    Also, I love it when you do these item round-up type posts, it seems you always know about super obscure brands , pretty objects, or garments that are exactly what I’m thinking of. More!

    1. What! I was going to send YOU an email asking about some of the designers you mentioned over dinner. Sadly, living in New England is turning me more toward sturdy utilitarian (trying to keep it chic!) and away from cutting edge fashionable.

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