hexmas tidings

~~ 12 magical rabbit holes for hexmas ~~

1. Theatre of Dreams

2. Lady Lavona’s amazing Krampus writings

3. King’s Point Playland

4. Family in a frosted wonderland

5. The Etsy Cabinet of Curiosities gathering of shops for the best hexmas prizes

6. Rose white rose red

7. Geronto Bis

8. Manitou (like this)

9. Efteling (&& here)

10. Out Of Our Minds (??! when did she become totally amazing?)

11. Crystal palace

12. Maria Sibylla Merian


  1. Yay! Go COC Team Go!

    So glad you liked the Krampus writings! Wait till you see the next Winter tale I’m writing about…plus I’ll be doing a Yuletide giveaway!

    Also…Happy Birthday! I’m 33 too!!! My birthday was in October! I feel like this is going to be the most splendid year ever! 20’s chaos out of the way…survived the dreaded Saturn Return…re-structured, re-routed…33 is the Crossroads! Time to manifest!

  2. I think so!! I have a good feeling about 33 – same thing, Saturn return has passed, finally, the turmoil of turning 30, new footings and pathways…

    I can’t wait to see your winter tales!

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