here we are

It’s only been a week that we’ve been here, which seems strange and surreal. Thank you all so much for your welcoming comments & concern for VT.

The roads are opening up again, people are cleaning up. We know a few people who lost their entire homes – heartbreaking and counting our blessings even more that we got here safe and sound and everything is ok. I’m loving my new job & we’re slowing settling in – next up, a job for Sean and a car that can drive in the winter. Oh, winter. Looking forward to crisp fall mornings, but winter can take her sweet time getting here, please.


  1. It looks so beautiful! I love the moss in that last one — there’s something I rarely see. I also love that the tote makes an appearance yet again!

    1. it somehow works with the strawberry pink walls. also i’ve been carrying all my “papers i need right now” papers in it, so it has to come with me everywhere.

      the moss is amazing – there’s a 4 foot swath of it behind the house, i just want to go lie down in it.

      1. I have a thing for moss too. There is a lady in the North Carolina mountains that goes by “Mossin Annie” and she specializes in establishing moss gardens. I hope to have one some day.

        Glad you are all right!

  2. Will this be Sean’s first experience with real, serious winter?

    Best of luck you both, I’m so happy to hear things are looking up after a tumultuous arrival.

  3. Oof. I’ve fallen in love with your house already! I know moving is a challenge but I’m happy for you because this was so close to your heart.

  4. Oh! So glad you made it safe and sound and that your job is so much happier. A little bit of a rough homecoming, but perhaps good things shouldn’t always be easy?

    Wishing you a lovely fall and a job for Sean.

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