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A quick note to say I have a guest post up at A Practical Wedding today. I’m super excited and some of the comments have already made me teary!! Though most photos on the APW post are by me, I tacked on a few by my SIL Emily – she’s a great photographer if anyone in VT needs a wedding photographer. I love how lush this one is:

3646236117_78f2ae521e_bI sent poor Meg so many “OMG I CAN’T WRITE LEMME JUST CHANGE SOME THINGS” emails that the final post wasn’t quite my final iteration – but you know, the point is the same. The only thing I really wanted to add was to embrace and savor the ritual of building something together – it really becomes part of the wedding.  Also, Myra & Jim’s wedding was simple, free of “wedding craft” tchotchkes, just the basics of a celebration. When we say DIT, that doesn’t have to mean “go crazy with the tissue paper and glitter!”

3646084444_2bb96eea69_b-1I did, however, glitter the heck out of the cake table.

So! Read, enjoy! Thank you for all the super cozy comments so far!

(Side note — are you in the Bay Area? I’m looking for career leads in Strategic Web Planning / Digital Marketing / Interactive Production / New Media Strategy, and would love if you’d add me on LinkedIn!)


  1. I loved your post this morning. Loveloveloved it. But I’ve been loving your wedding planning and LIFE discussions ever since I found you (via comments? twitter? I don’t know anymore, but I’m happy regardless.) Your woodsy community, DIT-because-that’s-the-way-it-is-in-Vermont wedding is everything I could ever have wanted from such an important life celebration. I can barely use my sewing machine, while you’re making a wedding dress with your mother and just know, somehow, that this truly magical wedding will all come together. It’s calming and centering and reminds me of what’s important about this. We’ll just get things done because we’re bossy and determined too.

    And I know, somehow, that it will be magical for you. I’ve seen you stress out online about the to-do list, but I’ve never really panicked for you, perhaps because it’s always seemed right, at it’s core, from all of your community descriptions, despite the whirlwinds and setbacks along the way. And I think I truly knew it when I read about Myra’s wedding post and the dress you made her ages back. (I was also terribly jealous of that beautiful dress and almost wanted to commission you for a handmade beauty myself. Not that you necessarily do such things, but I gasped out loud with dress love when I saw it and figured you’d get yours under control one way or another too.) But your description of how Myra’s wedding brought you real marriage magic made me even surer and happier for you. Thank you for sharing slivers of your day and crafts and planning.

  2. i added you as a contact on linked in; feel free to accept or not…. i have a bunch of contacts in the bay area and if you see anyone that you would like to email, i would be happy to put you in touch!

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