Gluten-free Pizza Frenzy

I’ve been missing pizza like crazy so I asked Holly if she’d cook me a gluten free version of her famous pizzas. Yes, I’m spoiled by my friends – Holly made my wedding cakes and they were fa-an-cy. (Bay Area readers, she’s just started teaching cooking – she’ll come to you and give classes – one family is having her teach their teenagers. So smart!!)

So we invited Kate and Kali over and I basically ditched all my other food restrictions for the night (gluten is the only 100% have to avoid it one) & we stuffed our faces like kings. California-Italian kings.

Holly made:

Chive blossom, maple uncured bacon, and fig pizza.

Classic red sauce, spinach, zucchini, mozzarella pizza.

Blanco pizza with morels in cream sauce, sage, mozzarella. (this one was !!!!!! the best)

Dulce de leche ice cream with maple caramelized figs and maple whipped cream.

There was also wine and chocolate. I think I crawled into bed rubbing my belly like a buddha.

(Sorry, as it got late our weird yellow-tinted shade in the dining room made the photos funny.)


  1. Ah, so that is the story of the ice cream – lordy, it sounds delicious! And a morel in cream sauce topping for pizza is not something I would have thought of…or even picked from a menu, but gosh. It really *does* sound good!

    Glutino makes a gluten-free frozen pizza that is pretty tasty (considering that 90% of the rest of their products are WRETCHED!) I try not to eat a lot of frozen convenience foods, but that one does in a pinch, and it’s even better if you doctor it up with extras like roasted asparagus & caramelized red onions & feta…or whatever other things you have around.

  2. Oh, I would SO love a recipe for the pizza dough! I’ve never thought of using chive blossoms–are they milder, the way green garlic is? Everything looks delicious!

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