gift guide no. 3: ireland

These are so fun to make, I’m sad this is the last one I was planning on doing & it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, jeez. I guess I’m pretty excited for the holidays. I’ll have to think about other places I went to last year – maybe an elegant grandma gift guide inspired by Palm Springs!!

Anyway, Ireland! We only brought a few family presents back for the holidays, but I wish we’d been able to get more.  For us, we brought back an Aran Isles grey and slate blue plaid blanket – it’s become my new favorite thing for curling up under on the couch.

irelandThe weird looking things in the lower right corner are peat bricks for burning! We want to order some for our holiday tea party. They make the most amazing sweet smoky smell, one of my favorite things about Ireland. If you don’t have a fireplace (we’re very lucky!!) try the Patch NYC pipe candle.

& finally, the last of the honeymoon photos.  Mostly Clifden, a wee harbor town on the west coast.



    1. Perfume is so personal, but still fun as a gift – though risky if you don’t know the person well. Last year I gave my husband a Tom Ford scent that the salesman warned me was “really weird” but it’s perfect on him. I like the challenge!!

      1. Your calling him your husband makes me beam, and I don’t even know you. :) These photos are beautiful. I’m still looking for perfumes that are as magical and place/time-transporting as their descriptions.

  1. My god. Ireland must be so beautiful. My husband’s family is from there and he tells me it actually really does look that amazing. I can’t wait to see it for myself in person.

  2. My grandparents were from Liverpool and I remember vividly, now, upon seeing your post, my grandmother’s real Blackthorn shillelagh that we used to play with all the time in their house! My grandpa would always make fun of her and tell us grandchildren that she would threaten his life with it when we weren’t around…It was so old that the top was super smooth and nice to hold in your hand. It smelled like old wood and pipe smoke. Thanks

  3. I have been so curious about that Portland General Store line of perfumes for a long time now…if it does make it’s way into your holiday stocking, I do hope you’ll share your thoughts on it! The “Moss” scent looks delightful as well.

    That first image! Gorgeousness! I tell you – print ’em up and sell ’em, lady!

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