gift guide no. 2: paris

Next up – Paris inspiration. I’ll take one of everything on this guide, thanks! Is it weird to want beauty products? I like giving & getting tiny luxurious things I might not spring for myself. That Huiles & Baumes dry body oil is absolute heaven, btw. I had a tiny sample from a Parisian pharmacy that is now gone & I want more!

parisOnce again, some inspiration, some literal! I don’t think the Hermes camera or bracelet are actually on anyone’s real life wish list (ok, maybe some people) but a vintage camera was one of the best wedding gifts we received, and the camera that took the photos below is a 1970s Miranda. I’ve been meaning to track down or make a nice leather wrap bracelet since I got back from Paris, too.

Capes!! Whenever I think of Parisian street style I think of capes, for some reason. Easy to make! The first thing I ever sewed for myself (maybe age 13?) was a cape, it was brown wool gabardine and actually lovely, I should figure out where I last packed it up.

& museum passes – not just for Paris, for wherever you may be.

& for extra Parisian inspiration – I had some film developed from the trip. Yay! Whenever I hold film photos I’m mesmerized by the depth and texture, so so different from digital experiences. Maybe not so easy to tell from these scans, but trust me!



  1. your photos are beautiful! i couldn’t agree more…i love 120 film and 200 35mm for depth and texture for sure…digital photos always appear so flat to me, glad you mentioned that. love the paris gift guide! the orange glasses are way too cute!

  2. is that a paper cut out map? paper art is so beautiful – delicate and detailed. although it can be painstaking and give you a few blisters (why can’t exacto knives be comfier?) it is so worth it in the end.

  3. Your photographs are mesmerising. So beautiful and full of feeling. Thank you for sharing.
    I came across some of the leather bands on Etsy you described a while ago and they have stuck in my head. I do not want to sound like I am advertising these, believe me I am in no way associated with these people!I could not find an email address to send the links to you, so let me know if you would like them!
    Thank you again for your beautiful posts, and congratulations and many warm wishes on your marriage!

  4. dyeeeeeeen a thousand times over these photos. cannot wait to finish the roll in the kodak jiffy – i will be sure to mail you a copy of the picture i took of you and sean on it. eep, i hope the photos turn out!

    were you able to get the yashica to work okay, btw? my fingers are crossed everything is clean enough and not too musty that you’re able to get something pretty from it!

    They have watches with the ‘double band’, but for the bands only I think they are under “Wrist Watch Bands Only”. I would love to get one myself, but I can not bring myself to purchase leather… The vintage, worn looking ones look so lovely though! OH no! xxx

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