gettin’ fancy

First off – if I’m related to you or I work with you, just stop reading right now, because I’m going to talk about my skivvies.

At the beginning of February, Jen posted a giveaway for Lille Boutique on Honey Kennedy. Thinking “I never win giveaways” I ended up buying a Fortnight bra from Lille. Jen’s byline should probably change from “Sail Away to Fancy” to maybe “Gateway Drug to Fancy” or “Enabling Fancy” or something. Anyway, the Fortnight bra is lovely and is very comfy, except I’m about 3 cup sizes too big for their largest cup size, so that one is just going to have to sit in a drawer until I lose some weight. Good times.

In the meantime, I WON THE DANG GIVEAWAY! Excitement! I ended up choosing this Huit grey jersey and lace bra & skivvies set, and it’s really, so, so so pretty & soft and dainty but comfy all at once. And true to size, unlike the Fortnight bras. Hooray for fancy! Thanks Jen & Lille Boutique!!

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