finders keepers

Mmm. So, I’ve still been in such a funk. Waiting for it to lift, the past few months have left me pretty listless and exhausted. Grief? Ideas are brewing, but haven’t been touching down enough to form anything cohesive. Do you know what I mean? Like some elusive path in the woods you can’t quite make out yet.

I need a vacation, soon! We’re headed to Palm Desert for Valentine’s Day, which will be amazing and WARM, but as I count down the next few weeks, I’ve been overdoing it a little on the comfort collecting. I need to add more to Etsy to counter-balance, for sure. Speaking of which, if there are things people are on the look out for, let me know. I have so much vintage stored that I don’t know if I’ll bother putting it on Etsy, I might just sell it in bulk to a shop to clear out my studio and focus on handmade things, but if people are interested in certain things I’ll go through it. After, well, 13 years selling vintage online I’m a little tired of it, though that may be also part of my general ‘what doing?’ feelings.

So yes. My little clutch-paws have been clutchy lately.

pitcherFrench pitcher/vase from Goodwill.

tassleAnother Goodwill find; tasseled vintage Neiman Marcus shoes.

bathroomshelfHeart print bow from Le Petit Oiseau. My bathroom is steamy because I was waiting for my bath to fill while I took random photos. I’ve been taking so so so many baths.

shoesDance shoes from the always lovely Kennedy Holmes. They can’t be worn outside, but maybe I can have them resoled, or outdoor soles put over the dance soles? Has anyone done this?

ribbonRibbon from Bell’occhio, in wedding colors. Not sure what I’ll use it for (not the toadstools, that is just cute) as far as decor goes, but it’s pretty!

cartaThese burning papers from Bell’occhio are the best smell ever.

saucepanSpeaking of weddings, The Professor seems to be picking up my habits. He had an urge to go into Goodwill the other day, and bee-lined for this Le Creuset saucepan. Now we just need to stalk the lid on eBay!

slipAlso amazing, my future mum-in-law sent a box of treats; scarves, vintage stockings, little jars.  Hello, pink silk slip in exactly my style and size?

gloves2As well as white and midnight blue kid leather gloves (& a brown pair!)

green& pretty little jars.

calicoThe slip was wrapped in this strange old handmade calico travel bag – I’m not sure what to do with it! I love the color and texture.


glovesSo much nesting! My brain must be going into some sort of hole-up-and-heal mode, building a bowerbird nest around me! I’m getting weirded out by wedding plans and last night convinced myself I was going to look like a midget cupcake. So yeah. Vacation! Ahoy!

What are your favorite finds lately?


  1. oh my goodness, just come from your Flickr, and googled Bell’occhio. what a bad bad shop, it’s just full of things that i want. terrible state of affairs! amazing scissors! murano glass pins! pretty boxes! glassine envelopes! FRINGING SCISSORS! oh no, this is no good at all.

    i have been rather abstemious of late. not too much (hardly any thrifting) and no buying of new things (although yesterday i bought a couple of things in the Toast Archive Sale). on a slightly more serious note, i don’t like the feeling of being too full of want. it’s disquieting and disruptive and discombobulating.

    and, i know that feeling so well, i am still waiting for the path to reveal itself somewhat. all you can do to assist the process is to be kind to yourself and to shop regularly at Bell’occhio. ( i am half joking).

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