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Forest ceremony perfectly and magically crafted just for us,  stone altars, birch tree stumps with crochet seats, bell-clear blue skies, shimmering ever-changing autumn sunlight, chandelier crystals in the trees, vintage paper balls, a handmade deck with a trompe l’oeil tree railing, procession winding through the woods, elderflower liqueur, licorice pipes, milk glass, archery next to an 1800’s stone foundation,  rose geranium cake with marzipan mushrooms, time traveling flower girl & ring bearer,  the babbling brook, picnic blankets, crepe paper flags dancing in the breeze, babies inventing croquet games, early morning bonfires to warm our toes, vintage train rides, whispered vows, overwhelming handmade love, pinch me we’re married.

These photos are not to be added to blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any other sharing site, please.

Photography: Jeremy Harris Weddings (NYC)
Secondary Photography: Photos 15, 21, 31, 37, 45, 46  by Emily Ferro (VT)
Ceremony, officiant: Angeliska (Austin)
Readings: Colin read Carl Sandburg, Elly read Francesca Lia Block
Location: bride’s tiny Vermont camp
Dress: Silk faille & duchesse silk from Britex, antique lace and trim, bride designed and made (with mama & Holly elves!) Dress detail post to come.
Make-up: Vivian Sarratt
Rings: bride Tiffany & Co groom Goodfellows VT
Cake: Holly Bobisuthi
Cake topper: Wendy Addison
Catering: Bride’s aunt & mama. Cake, food & drink detail post to come – with recipes as well as details of the log bar my brother built, and those gorgeous scalloped tablecloths made by my mama.
Invitations: concept & construct by bride and groom, paper layouts by Laurel Barickman, see the entire suite here.
Archery targets: Karie (she also made amazing moss graffiti signs which unfortunately didn’t survive!)


  1. I know (and completely understand) your mixed feelings about your day and the cost etc. But it truly looks magical, you look beautiful (just stunning!) and all those little details are charming and special. Congratulations again!!

  2. My jaw is on the floor. From the sneak peaks you’ve shown us, I knew it was going to be stunning. But this so far surpasses my expectations. I’m so glad you did decide on having photographs, if only so I could see the pretties.

  3. i can easily say, yours is by far the most beautiful magical romantic wonderful wedding i’ve ever seen. i love everything. you look amazing and despite your worries about your dress i adore it. everything looks perfect. oh and toad stools. i love it.

  4. Okay, I’m completely weepy right now.

    Wow, wow, wow. So perfect (even if it wasn’t!). If you asked me to think of what your wedding would look like, this is exactly it. Exactly! This is you. This is love.

    I’m so happy for you, Tamera. I can’t say it enough.


    1. Definitely – I was shocked with how stunning it was & how much it looked like what I’d imagined when I walked down the hill. The thing that sticks out to me what that the bridesmaids had those flags, and were in a semi-circle, and the wind was catching them in a way that everything seemed slow motion and otherworldly. It was seriously transcendant.

      Thank you!!!

  5. This is gorgeous and makes me wish I was still enjoying that day. Your mom and auntie cracked me up! SO Brooklyn! They amaze me. They made that entire food spread. Please say there is a food post coming!

    I see a ton of happiness for you two in the future. What a great beginning to a whole new chapter.

    Can’t believe Jeremy caught Brian smiling in that pic. It is hard to get him to do that in a picture!

    Must have been all the sunshine and fresh air.

    Love you so much!

    1. It’s funny because to me it’s like “oh, that old place.” I mean, it’s magical but it’s also as much a part of my being as my hand, so it seems so normal to me.

  6. Seriously, this is my sort of wedding. Absolutely fabulous and magical! Truly amazing…speechless!
    Congrats and the best to you both.

  7. Please. This is an magical artsy bohemian forest fantasy of a wedding!!! I could go on and on about how fantastic it is.

    And YES, this is too a “Style Me Pretty” wedding. Have you visited that site lately? They seem to be expanding their horizons beyond the big money productions.

    I wish you’d submit your wedding there just so I can prove it to you. Funny, they had a bohemian bride on there a few weeks ago and I was entranced with the pics. Then the bride wrote about how lost she was in planning it all. So funny to read about the panic and all we see is the beauty.

    They even featured a simple picnic elopement!

    I think you should submit your wedding there and announce that you’re available to help other brides!

    1. I haven’t looked lately! I’m happy to never look at a wedding blog again! Seriously, though – when I look at those things, even the “rustic” ones seem so polished, with perfect round poufs of bouquets. Maybe I’m so used to feeling kinda scruffy that I can’t see anything else!

      Thank you, though – the photographer wants to submit some shots to wedding blogs, so I’ll let him know.

      Also, my dad’s family comes from Bohemia, so I come by the title honestly. ;D

      1. He should definitely submit the photos. I think you’re too close to it for perspective. And it didn’t need any more details either! Really unforgettable.

  8. So utterly magical and beautiful! I know you’ve talked a bit about how stressful everything was (which I can totally understand, having done a largely diy wedding on a shoestring with big expectations!), but the resulting wedding looks like it was gorgeous. :)

    ♥ Casey | blog

  9. NO WAY. So beautiful! This is one of the only times I’ve looked at pictures of a wedding and wished that I had been there! Magical and perfect and so utterly you. Your guests look SO HAPPY.

  10. i’m totally crying!!!
    whenever i see something that looks so perfect and overwhelmingly, beautiful my eyes tear up uncontrollably. i can’t help it! you guys did a marvelous job! i can feel the love in these photos!

  11. Did you make any wardrobe suggestions to your guests? Or do you just have awesome friends and family who always dress like fairies/Victorian townspeople/vintage gods and goddesses? Everyone looks so great and fits together so well! I wanna know the secret!

    1. Mostly they actually just dress that way. I was pretty excited when my brother showed me the tweed suspender trousers he’d found! My Vermont family actually dresses like Victorian townspeople a lot as they’re in the historical society and put on educational events, so they didn’t have to go out of the way. I didn’t set a time period, though.

      What we did was in the invites (http://www.verhext.com/wedding-invitations) each parcel had slightly different things – trinkets were handpicked for each guest and included fancy pocket knives, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, bow ties, etc – with a small card that said “incorporate this into your attire” – so there was a feel for it. I’m pretty impressed at how much they all randomly matched, though.

      The bridesmaids were asked to wear grey or taupe, 2 made their own dresses, I brought 2 thrifted dresses, and one bought hers new. They all matched well, though!

  12. Most amazing wedding ever! I feel honored to have been a part of your special day, end really enjoyed meeting all your friends and family.

    Emily, you did a great job! Thanks for backing me up and catching some of the moments I missed.

  13. I am speechless. I know you’re working through your real feelings about the wedding and I understand why, but I can see all the magic here. Amazing. It’s even more gorgeous and layered than you’d hinted at. And you are just stunningly beautiful. And I love everything you did with your dress and accessories, even if it was last minute. I’d never have known. This all looks like fairies and elves effortlessly created a perfect woodsy wedding wonderland just for you and Sean.

    1. Haha, yes, namely my brother & Holly elves! But when we woke up to the mushroom patch on the stone table my brother made? Pretty astounding. Blessed by gnomes!!

  14. Beautiful, timeless and a-glow. You and your community exude style and talent. Thank you for sharing these photos. They are inspirational.

  15. *hushed awe* wow. i mean really, like WOW. it could not look more like your wedding, do you know what i mean? it’s perfect. you look so ravishingly beautiful. the details. the love, the care and attention. wonderful.

  16. it was the prettiest of all pretty days. this post takes me right back there to all the magic. thank yoooooou for asking me to be part of it. what sticks out most in my mind is how lovely and silly and sweet you both were, and i think that is a combination of goodness that makes the strongest glue. years and years of happiness to you both! <3

  17. Oh darling.

    I keep coming back to look at your photographs and each time I have to hold back the tears.

    Never have I wanted to part of someone’s wedding so very much. (How I wish I knew you in “real life” in the non stalker creepy way!)

  18. quit your job and become a “bohemian wedding planner” to quote someone else from this post. the photos are utterly gorgeous, magical and sumptuous. i’ll definitely hire you, although it would be on an artists budget ha ha! love u!

  19. you could feel the love everywhere—between the bride & groom, through the friends, within the family, behind the trees, under the stones, around the spirits. it was magical & i wasn’t even there. good job!

  20. Lovely, ethereal and sweet — just divine, and the photographs are just magical.

    Wishing you many, many years of happiness to you and your beloved!

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