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Hope everyone had a delightful Sunday! This was my first weekend at home to just rest in ohhhh, over a month? A lot of walking, thrifting, a little Etsy-photo-taking, and watching the new Poirot. We’re like old people around here!! Sometimes it’s just nice to be cozy. Thursday & Friday were spent at Flora & Maxfield’s for a friend’s birthday – the cocktail menus are complete vintage inspiration for the wedding cocktail menu. We’re starting to step up the wedding planning, cutting it a little too close for comfort – less than 3 months to go!

Strange to think that just 2 Sundays ago I was in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, having a wonderful picnic for Mathyld‘s friend Claire’s birthday. It was nice to just sit in a beautiful place, meet new people, and eat delicious things! I even tried a stinky cheese, I’m usually a mellow triple creme kind of girl.
muffinsI really do need a rose shaped muffin tin! These are apple muffins. So good.

pastriesAlso, if I spent any more time in Paris I may have eaten the whole city. I still crave the almondy pastries.

temple2The Parc was built in 1864 and designed like a fairyland, with a temple to Sybil, a grotto, the most amazing wood-print concrete fences and steps, ponds, and nooks everywhere. So lovely.



  1. That place is one of the reasons that make me stay in Paris. I’ve always been living in the same area and these Buttes are the reason why.

    Remember ? I was obsessed by the idea to take you there !
    One of my most cherished memories about Paris is the day it started snowing while I was in the Park … Most. Beautiful. Thing. Ever.

    Also, wow, Maxfield and Flora !

    Δ Δ Δ

  2. So pretty! I want to live their. It seems silly that beautiful places like that don’t exist in every city and town in the world for everyone to enjoy. The whole world should be that lovely.

    Love your blog by the way. It is so inspiring!

    1. Thank you! I agree! I’ve been lucky to live in gorgeous places my whole life – even the cities have little retreats! But even new towns and suburbs should be designed this way…

  3. The almondy pastry is a Paris Brest, most delicious thing in the world! If you like Paris so much, you should come to Montreal, QC, when you have some free time when you are in Vermont. It’s about 3hrs drive from WWoodstock, VT (my Vermont place). It’s not as pretty as Paris since it’s not as old, but it has a lot of charm and very good food. :) You are lucky to be traveling like this. I wish my job would take me abroad.
    Thanks for sharing moments of your trip! :)


    1. I grew up in Tunbridge, VT, so I’ve spent a lot of time in Montreal! I love Quebec City as well, it really feels old-world!!

      I am super lucky to have a job that sent me to Paris, but I spent way. too. much. money. of my own in Paris – I thought I was being careful but EVERYTHING is so expensive!! (and the dollar > Euro is not great.)

      1. I agree, the exchange rate is not not in our advantage. My husband’s family is partly in Brittany (Carnac). It’s wonderful to go there in the summer and spend a small amount of $ at markets. I try not to buy any new stuff. The problem is always: how much can I bring back so I don’t have to rent space in a container? 😉 Anyways, it’s great just to be somewhere else. What is your top 5 of places where you’d like to move, forever or just a year?

  4. ah, nothing like a really lovely city park, i miss them down here in the country, even though i am surround by green! loafing about in those little pockets of green can feel like stolen time.

    and yum, lust! patisserie! yes! pleeeeeeeeease!

  5. i’m headed to paris in a week. in london town now. you can have a free flat on Ile Saint-Louis you game? i’m out and about with maia and her husband now. it’s available until i get there.

  6. So absolutely lovely. I really love these Paris recap posts! Speaking of, I have to go back and find the one where you went on that deliriously gorgeous walk with all the little couryards and parks? I told my friend Kelly about it and we are absolutely certain that is going to be a days’ worth, at least, of exploring for us.

  7. kasabian is a great band from leicester. i’m not going to paris now. headed back to nyc then to crete me thinks. more pics

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