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So I really liked Naurnie’s post on daily jewels (ahhh her engagement ring!) & was going to respond but felt silly describing with no photos. So, here you go.

1. My engagement ring and wedding ring. The diamond ring was Sean’s great-grandmother’s from the 30s, I never thought I was a diamond girl until I put it on.

2. Blanca Monros Gomez stacking ring & teeny black diamond ring

3. French enamel tiny locket – my good luck locket

4. Victorian elk tooth necklace – one of my first prizes from Sean. Hello key to my heart!

5. Antique cameo earrings

I rarely add different things – sometimes a bangle bracelet or some clinky plastic links – I like my bracelets big and jangly! But what’s above is pretty much the every day. Now. Show me your sparkle! So nosy!



  1. that diamond ring is magical. I never thought I would say that about a diamond, but here we are :)

    I feel a bit silly responding to this without pictures as well, but here goes. I usually wear one of these pieces or a few of them: a thin golden necklace with a little charm from elephantine, a thin silver necklace with two small pieces of quartz on it (or maybe they are not quartz, but another type of mineral… I forgots!) that I got in antwerp last year, a thin gold bracelet with a row of small black stones, also from elephantine, and tiny gold ‘staple’ studs that my brother gave me for my birthday. there are a few other pieces that I wear, like a gold leather cuff that I got on etsy a few years back and a fabulous bronze-coloured necklace from h&m (of all places!), but these are the regulars.

    (the necklace is this one, in gold: http://www.etsy.com/listing/56666801/satellites-sterling-silver-textured)

  2. (http://royalnonesuch.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/img_2807.jpg)

    That is, a scrimshaw pin/pendant from my mother hung with a handful of miraculous medals (you can only see one, I think the other where at the opposite end of the chain), Mexican silver thumb ring that I “adopted” from my mother many years ago, large thrift store silver ring. This has since been supplemented by Bloodmilk’s “Lily Dale” ring (http://www.etsy.com/listing/80288825/the-medium-lily-dale-spiritualist-ring)- an appropriate five year anniversary gift- and handful of more rings that I have pinched from my mother’s stash. We don’t agree on much, aesthetically, but we do agree on jewels!

    That elk tooth is wowwowwow!

  3. I posted for you to see. http://www.byhillary.com/2012/06/daily-wear.html
    Your pinky gold stuff is the stuff of dreams. I don’t know why but it makes me think of kittens. I love how delicate it all looks. I tend to wear such clunky stuff and never thought of delicate but seeing you wear small pearl earrings and soft little rings has really made me reconsider.

    You had this one pic of you when you cut your hair with the little earrings and a scarf and big sunglasses and it was like the epitome of everything I always aspired to be!

  4. I love how delicate your jewelry is!

    My daily jewelry tends to be just my engagement ring and replacement gold wedding band (which I wrote about, with pictures[!] here: http://www.bridesanstulle.com/2011/10/rings-and-things-end-of-saga.html), unless I’m on campus, in which case it’s just the wedding band. (I still don’t know what to call it. Feels disingenuous to say wedding band since it’s not what I got married with, but it makes me feel more married and more myself than my original diamond eternity band.)

    These Favor hoops, in gold, have also been in heavy rotation since I got them: http://www.favorjewelry.com/classic_hoop.html

    I’m still trying to learn the art of wearing necklaces and bracelets without feeling too “done up”!

  5. I am in love with that locket. If you ever head down to Boston area and venture to Marblehead – you should check out O’rama’s. It is like a treasure chest of wonderful things – packed full. I wish I had a picture to link to – there is no website.

  6. AH! How did I miss this post?! I’m so glad you did this. My LORD, you’ve got gorgeous jewels. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the LOOOVE.

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