crescent moon wreath

I was super excited to try out my idea to make a crescent moon wreath, until I realized that I’d forgotten physics, and that a wreath with a super heavy side was not going to hang evenly. It’s still pretty.

Grapevine from the backyard, spruce from my mom’s yard, cedar from the garden store.

Started with the grapevine, keeping one side simple as it would be covered in greenery, and shaping the other, trimming where needed.

Laid out the greenery before floral wiring it down.

Started wiring it down, spruce, cedar, spruce, cedar.

Wired in feathers.

Added a ribbon, shook fist of anger at gravity.

And it’s ready to go on the front door!


  1. I love it. All of it! You can come make wreaths for my house any time.
    I never remember the physics issues either. I think somewhere in the world there are photos of my preliminary apparel pieces that clearly did not take 3D forms into my 2D designing process…

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