christmas in june

I’m sorry for all the super short posts lately, but things and projects are brewing and it’s taking up all my time! Between extra long days at work and hopefully putting some long term life goals into place, there’s been no time for me-work! I have a list of sewing projects and menu-recipes to try out that have been taking a back burner. So, for now, a quickie!

This is my favorite smoothie, I call it the “christmas smoothie” because of the spices, but it’s so good on a summer morning.

1 frozen banana, chopped up
one big scoop of yogurt (I like greek)
one big scoop of almond butter
a dash of cardamom
a dash of vanilla
a dash of “pumpkin pie spice”
about 3/4 cup of almond milk

Blend & enjoy! You can add dates for variation, too, or maca or ground flax seed for extra boosts!


  1. i love more smoothie recipes, and as I enjoy a chai every morning, those spices are my favorite flavor! I had a peach-yogurt-almond milk smoothie this morning that was really great.

  2. I was all excited about having this recipe for my midafternoon meal (yes, I eat lunch twice, because I am a TOTAL WEIRDO) and then I realized that my almond butter is salted. Also, that I have no cardamom. Wah.

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