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Beverly Hills (When You’re Not a Billionaire)


Can Beverly Hills be done on a quasi-budget? We keep ending up there for a day or two when we stop in LA to visit family and friends, and I feel too old for Venice, Santa Monica, or Los Feliz. So, here’s the mini-guide to 90210 without breaking the bank. Too much. Stay We use […]

Slide into Summer


After spending last August wearing Birkenstocks because I broke my toe, I’m sold on slides. I’m currently looking for another pair of simple, easy slides for this summer. (It’s coming, I promise!) Here are my picks – but I haven’t decided yet! 1. Kork Ease  2. Aigle   3. Joie   4. J. Crew  5. Loeffler Randall  6. […]

Classic Homemade Granola Recipe


I’ve been searching for a perfect “non-flavored” granola, everything in the co-ops here trends toward “Peach Mocha” or other nonsense. My mom always made our granola growing up, but she used a lot of molasses and brown sugar for a pretty heavy granola. This recipe is part “pantry scavenge” and part attempt to make a […]

It’s a Mystery


If you follow me on social media, you’ll know we’ve been dealing with some bad news. I’m trying to manage my grief & stress in a healthy way (eating well, 6:30 am daily elliptical and power songs) but some days (most days, to be honest) require a special kind of escapism. The kind that has […]

The Low Profile Bed Search


I’ve been searching for a low profile bed frame since we moved here, and it’s gotten to the point where I just have to find something and take the plunge. I haven’t found anything I’m 100% sold on, probably because my dream bed is a tremendous 4 poster Shaker style bed, and our bedroom ceilings […]