Carriage House: Before

The tenant moved out this weekend and we were finally able to take a look at what we have to work with here. The idea is that we’ll set it up as a guest house & offer it on AirBnB when not in use. The main house isn’t big enough to have a guest room (at least, we’re hoping we’ll need that extra room soon) so it’s nice to have this separate space. There’s a lot that’s great – the old beams from when it was a barn and hayloft, the loft bedroom feels very sea-side-y, and there’s plenty of space!

On the other hand, the former owners really cut corners with appliances and materials, so there’s a lot of work. I want to replace that long front window and luckily have some salvage windows to work with that’ll look a lot nicer. Some coats of paint, new light fixtures / ceiling fan, fixing that access panel mess in the bathroom, and general sprucing should help a lot. Inspiration welcome!


  1. Why oh why can’t I find this carriage house just outside Northampton, available for me to rent for a very reasonable sum???

  2. Wow that is super cute. I’ve rented lots of places way way worse than that in New England. I bet it will be amazing once you fix it up. Your guests will never want to leave.

  3. so so cute. the original structure is great so even though you’re stuck with updating things, you have a good place to start from. excited for you!

  4. An old roommate of mine has used AirBnB for his place in Boystown Chicago – it has paid his rent so that he can do his research on a shoestring!

  5. I am in love with the old wood beams and ceilings! Such perfect guest house bones! I can’t wait to see what magic you use to transform it.

  6. the airbnb i stayed in located in bilbao had some nice, homey things and tricks. wifi password written on the chalkboard painted wall. guests took pictures by the door with the dog as they left. there was a sweet postcard on the perfectly made bed that you could keep. little breakfast nook for cereal, croissants and coffee in the morning.

  7. What a sweet space! Bookshelves full of books would always make me feel welcome, and I don’t think you have too much work to do with it, it’s a great base to work with! Have fun!

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