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Happenings lately have really really nailed home how I’m absolutely marrying the right person. It’s amazing. It’s really, really amazing. $$ nonsense, friends going missing, crazytimes, and he is so good and solid and calm and helping and saying all the right things. Hi, I sound like the crazies on STFUMarrieds. But no, seriously. So good.

I never really talk about spot cash money on here, but through some bank snafus (seriously, seriously messed up stuff) we’re in a kind of stuck position on the wedding. I’ve been shuffling numbers & wrangling budgets, but the long story short is this: we need to raise some funds, period. I spent a moment sobbing on the floor Friday after a particularly hellish bank conversation which led to a serious heart explody (and even more sobbing, but nice sobbing) when S. offered to sell his beloved motorcycle to help us get out of the craziness.

(Does anyone like their bank? Hook me up. I’m so mad I don’t want to do business with them anymore.) So serious for the blog, right? Ah, life.

So anyway, that was a super long winded way of saying I AM GOING TO LIST VINTAGE ON ETSY LIKE MAD for the next few months, whenever I have a spare minute! I’m on a mission!

Please take a look, share the link with friends, and send some prosperity magics our way. In return I will send you beautiful clothes & super love! I would really like to start this new amazing life with some new amazing foundations & surrounded by friends and family!

I’ve been scouring my own vintage collection for the best and most glorious pieces to pass onward to you. Ok.  Thank you!!! ♥



  1. Re: banks, I’ve been using Chase since the storm and moving– because I wanted a bank that was nationwide. I’ve had lots of good experiences with them overall, BUT I know that isn’t the case for a lot of people. The Beau always finds good support going with local/statewide banks himself.

    And aww, to the man for offering to sell his bike. That’s love.

  2. I wonder if you could find a local credit union or a small local bank with legit customer service? I’m so glad you found the right person to spend your life with – it’s funny how it happens when you least expect it! Hope you get your banking nightmare sorted soon…maybe it’s time to go back to stashing cash btw the mattress.

    1. I seriously suggested the mattress thing, I’m so fed up! I’d been looking for something national since I bounce back and forth from the bay to Vermont – the internet banks seem compelling but ALL banks seem to have good and bad reviews. Fleh, boring life nonsense to sort out!!

      (It is weird how big love just snuck up when I least expected it…)

      1. I’ve used ING as far as internet banks go, and really love it. It’s easy to use, pretty fast for transferring funds between accounts, and they have a nice $25 overdraft fee, where if you go over, they charge you like, 7% interest until you’re out of the clear (instead of hitting you with multiple fees!)

  3. The one thing I learned from my wedding is that it goes by so quickly you wouldn’t even remember parts of it if it weren’t for the pictures! I know all the details seem super important now, but in the end, it is the guy you’re marrying and the friends and family you’re with that are important! :)

    And I love Wachovia/Wells Fargo. Been with them since I was 16 and have never had any problems.



    1. Well, the “details” I’m worried about now are like, plane tickets to get to where the wedding will be, food, & finishing the cabin on the land. So, it’s the big stuff! But I’ve decided a wedding is important (vs eloping to city hall) so I will get my ducks in a row and etsy like crazy and hope the bank nonsense straightens out!! (Or, get a better job…)

      Thanks for the bank tip! That’s 2 Wells Fargos…I think I’ll go talk to them at lunch.

  4. For banks, I use a local credit union for customer service/loans/etc and ING for national atm access/debit card/helping with discrete saving goals. It’s been a lifesaver for me. I don’t know if I would have been an effective saver without automatic deductions from the credit union to my specific ING accounts like “wedding,” “education,” “vacation,” etc.

    So sorry to hear about the money meltdown moments. I’ve had a few of those myself recently. But it will work out! It always does, somehow or another. Especially with the right partner.

    (For the plane tickets, do you know anyone with frequent flyer miles who might want consider them a “gift” them for the wedding? Just a thought.)

    1. I was looking at ING! Also Ally, and Ever bank? There are some weird reviews, but I think for savings it would be good. We are definitely starting a “house/onward life” savings account ASAP.

      It is phenomenal how much the right partner changes ones outlook on life. I’ve always been a “I’ll do it myself!” kind of girl, and being able to let my shoulders relax a little against the world because someone else is there to help hold everything up is totally life-changing.

      1. I completely hear you. I’ve been so fiercely independent my entire life that it was initially hard to lean on someone else. Until I realized that it made us both stronger, better, and more capable of weathering the inevitable storms.

        And I wish I could try on all your etsy listings. Some of them are amazing! But I never have any idea how clothes will fit until they’re on. Also, I shouldn’t be spending money. Even for amazing deals like these. But I waaaaaant to. Maybe in May, I’ll find an extra $30.

    2. I do *exactly* the same thing–local CU for access to cash and customer service, ING for all the big money/direct deposit/saving stuff. It’s all been great.

      Sorry about all the crappity crap but glad you have a rock at home.

  5. Ok….I told a few gals I know about your shop! Such great additions, I may end up throwing out some dollars for a few thingies myself.

    Good thing is – everything works out.

    Hasn’t it always? ;]

    1. well, we’re not dead yet. ;D

      things do work out, in their way. i do wish sometimes they would work out with less stress and strife! ahhhh, life.

      thanks for the plug! yay! i’m trying to add a lot each week – phew. it’s more time consuming than you’d think.

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