cakes & cherry blossoms

I was feeling a bit down yesterday afternoon so I took a lovely walk in the sunshine to Crixa Cakes. It’s one of the very strong benefits of my neighborhood (along with Ici, Tail of the Yak, & Ital Calabash) & a cozy place to sit and draw. To be honest, the walk itself cheered me immensely – the cherry blossoms are out!!! My 2 favorite things about the Bay Area are cherry blossoms, and Dia de los Muertos. 2 sides of the seasons.



I know I’ve mentioned Crixa 100 times before, but I cannot possibly begin to profess the level of love I have for them. They are sadmaking on just 2 fronts ~ they close at 6pm, and they are not open on Sundays. Why, Crixa, why? Do you hate the common working person? Are your cakes merely for the idle rich?

The shop specializes in Hungarian pastries, and that’s where they shine. Out of the many pastries I have tried, only 2 stand out as vaguely disappointing: the meringue and the pumpkin pie. But who needs American and French pastry when one can have such delectable treats as these??


Carmella ~ Moist chocolate chiffon cake with vanilla whipped cream, bittersweet chocolate mousse, and butterscotch caramel.


Vatroushka ~ Russian-style cheesecake of sweet curd cheese, sour cream and vanilla. In Hungarian, Túrós pite.


As you can see, we’ve tried almost everything. Stand outs are Fatima’s Thighs (soon to be your thighs! If I ever bemoan the 6″ I’ve added to my waist and hips – each, mind you – since my early 20s, I can look at this post and know I’ve only myself to blame) & the Honey cake, & the gingerbread – oh the gingerbread, so light and fluffy and spicy. Eeeeee!!

Tanya from Stay for Tea and I have been trying to make a date to go here and continue the tasting extravaganza. We will have to go soon!


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