Beverly Hills (When You’re Not a Billionaire)

Can Beverly Hills be done on a quasi-budget? We keep ending up there for a day or two when we stop in LA to visit family and friends, and I feel too old for Venice, Santa Monica, or Los Feliz. So, here’s the mini-guide to 90210 without breaking the bank. Too much.


We use HotelTonight (use code TFERRO for $25 off your first booking) and have ended up at The Crescent, Maison 140, & the Mosaic Hotel. Maison 140 smelled so badly that I couldn’t stay there for fear of losing my lunch (to be fair, I was pregnant at the time) but Hotel Tonight refunded our money and we booked into the Mosaic, which was recommended by my aunt. The bed was insanely comfy, but the decor is basically half Charleston and half Venice, Italy. If they’d only lean in to the Charleston side, they’d be great. They’re redoing the pool and if the prices stay low once they’re done, this will be a great value hotel in walking distance to everything.  The Crescent is cute too, but no pool. Sure, I’d rather stay in the Beverly Hills Hotel bungalows, but I forgot to marry rich.


There are actually quite a few free parks in Beverly Hills, but the absolute best is the stunning Greystone Park & Mansions. After spending the morning there (bring a picnic breakfast?) do some winding throughout the hills for the most insane housepeeping ever, including the Spadena House.

greystone_park greystone_park2 spadena


Le Mervetty, taken to go and eaten at Beverly Canon Gardens with a cappuccino from Bouchon.

Urth Caffe, for pastry, huge breakfasts, and roiboos lattes.

The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and walk the grounds afterward. Forever.

Take out In-n-Out, eaten in bed at your hotel.

lemervettybeverlyhillshotel pololounge inout


Thrifts weren’t super great – we checked out a few but the prices were high and they felt very, very dirty.

I always find it worthwhile (even if I’m not doing major shopping) to browse better shops to check out construction, fabrics, fit, and style. Learning what makes clothes fit well, what’s in style now, which fabrics feel absolutely impeccable, and how to spot fakes will only help in your search when thrifting, buying on eBay, shopping sales, or taking a side trip to the Cabazon Outlets.

Don’t miss the trifecta of Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Barney’s in a row on Wilshire. I find the sales assistants to be nicer here than in San Francisco, as well. But NYC sales assistants are usually the nicest. Go figure.

Please let me know if you have more suggestions!

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