Bedside Color Scheme

Not normally a color scheme I’d expect to occur in my house, but I’m liking the mustard, black, and white cohesion that happened on my bedside table. I’m finding that a lot of the color I’m gravitating toward lately is new to my favorites – especially deep blues. I used to be such a shades-of-orange-to-persimmon fiend!

Are you ever surprised by the colors that you pick up for your clothes or housewares?



  1. such a coincidence that you should post this! i was just thinking to myself how lately i’ve really been into dark (really dark) blue. i’ve never been a “blue” person before. ever. the way i originally found your blog was by googling “dark blue black paint” or something like that! and i landed on your hallway post :-) i also used to be into olive-y green…then i strayed for a few years…but lately i’ve been gravitating towards it again.

    always love a mustard yellow.

    1. They’re a 1930’s set of Jane Austen that were in my Nana’s collection. I LOVE them, they’re the perfect size to take outside and have tiny pocket reading. I just reread them all, like a crazy.

  2. Peacock blue exerts almost a gravitational influence on my wardrobe, but lately I’ve been surprised to notice dandelion yellow cropping up, surprisingly paired with black.
    I’m loving your blue period, by the way.

  3. I’m sick of all the medium wood, navy blues and reds in my home color palette. This is inspiring. Also funny because I always associate you with pale blush, gold, and persimmons!

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