baskets & bows

So I’d decided to slow down the Etsy sales, as I don’t have a lot of time or energy for vintage selling lately. However, the reality of the wedding budget + lots of lots of vintage still in my collection = powering through listing some great batches of clothes and accessories for you. Seriously, it’s been SO HARD not to just keep many, many of these things. Alas, the wedding budget must take precedent! Below is a wee sample, with so so so much more to come. So take a look, share with friends, and find some treasures!




  1. oh, oh, oh. i am salivating over that rose sweater you’re sporting on Flickr, sooooooooo pretty. and i love that basket handbag, but with shipping, it’s crazy money so i will have to love it from afar. *sob*

    1. Someone from Australia bought it last night! I knew it wouldn’t last long. I’m actually hoping the shipping isn’t MORE than I listed because of the size – shipping even to Canada has gotten INSANE here. :(

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