autumnal summons pt. 2

Rust wind dry grass crackle leaves woodstove smoke summoning mix! Somehow the tones of these songs make me think of crisp air, leaves crunching underfoot, fireplaces.


Seadrift Arborea
Don’t You Wish Your Baby was Built Up Like Mine? Texas Alexander
My Daddy Rocks Me Trixie Smith
Bad Blood Brownie McGhee
Katie Cruel Karen Dalton
Went Walking Bosque Brown
Ashes from Your Burning Wood Orion Rigel Dommisse
Absent Afternoon Barn Owl
Blackbird Arrowwood
Barefoot Pilgrims Balmorhea
Return of the Nose Wooden Wand
Ocean Out Of Wood Svarte Greiner
We Eat Pine Cones The North Sea
Idumea Sheila Kay Adams
Seance In The Sixth Fret Exuma



Photos from last October’s trip to Vermont. Must reschedule mine, now now now.


  1. What a delight! I can’t wait to listen. This will help me conjure up images of what I miss the most back home. I found your site about a month ago and it’s truly a breath of fresh air and you are so inspiring.

  2. beautiful mix! i’m a san francisco resident, making-believe it’s still summer, though the gutsy gusty winds today are breaking my concentration somewhat. i found your blog while i was planning a trip to orr hot springs. your photos from haven are so beautiful, so effective at conjuring up summer bliss! how near is haven to orr springs? i would love to take a side trip there. thank you for sharing your inspirations.

    1. Lupinete: Hi! I know, the wind today is making me happy. Haven is actually a friends home/retreat, not a place that’s open to the public. I highly recommend Orr, though!

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