april showers

We’ve had some lovely atmospheric Spring cloudy skies and rain this week, a nice change from the endless snow and cold. However, I found myself sans umbrella! Now that I live somewhere where leaving my umbrella on the train or in a cab isn’t likely, it might be time to invest in something a little sturdier that will last me a long time.

1.  Scalamandre 2. Guy de Jean 3. Francesco Maglia 4. London Undercover 5. Lulu Guinness
6. Hunter 7. A Continuous Lean 8. London Undercover

& the classics:
James Smith & Sons
Fox Umbrellas
Swaine Adeney Brigg


  1. I love a good #6! Though I think I would choose #2 if you twisted my arm, just to get that extra pop of color on an otherwise cold, wet day.

    (And whoa that Rain Or Shine site…hello rabbit hole of shopping lust…)

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