alpine home

Whenever we go through Stowe I stop in the shop Alpine Home, on Route 100. Rooms crammed (and really, CRAMMED) full of French and Austrian antiques, gorgeously reupholstered furniture, costume jewelry, dishes, trinkets, and bath products. I could spend ages just searching through the entire shop, getting ideas and daydreaming for my house. Today’s trip has me thinking about pale blue and gilded frames, golden griffins, blue willow china, bundles of branches for chandeliers, layered antique oil paintings, Swedish blankets.

Apologies for the iPhone pictures, but it’s too good not to share!


  1. Such pretty things. I’ve managed to do my fair share of antiquing on out-of-town trips lately, and it’s a blast. If this is getting older, I’m in total support.

    Though, that beautiful row of white and blue pottery on the stairs gives me straight up anxiety. I can just see how much fun my cats would have rolling those down the stairs. Gravity is always such a surprising thing to them.

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