80’s lofts

I’m having a rainy Sunday “80’s movies destroyed my idea of living well” day – Netflix has No Small Affair (aw, adorable Jon Cryer) on watch instantly, and Demi Moore’s North Beach loft is KILLING ME.

I mean, for real. How was I to know that by the time I grew up, this kind of life would be absolutely outside of my means?screenshot_06





What else? Aidan Quinn’s Chinatown loft in Desperately Seeking Susan, everything in Slaves of New York…I guess I’m just kind of cranky at my dreary dark and no space to work and screaming neighbor beast children and fly-filled living situation at the moment. Sigh. Magic houses, please.


  1. I loved the place where Mike Meyer’s love interest lived in “So I Married an Axe Murderer.” It was somewhere in North Beach, too, I think! Wish I had screenshots.

  2. haha, Tanya. NOW I LOOK LIKE AN ASS. That was shot at my old loft building, at Cesar Chavez and Valencia. It wasn’t affordable, though, and the year I spent there was not cozy! Cold! Fun, but cold.

  3. I hear you, sister! Why must they taunt us with these “art spaces”!? I still have unrealistic daydreams of living in a huge loft where I can have room to paint and sew and spread out all my stuff even though I know it’s kind of unattainable (at least here).
    Also, I’ve never seen No Small Affair; but now I think I have to! Jon Cryer! CUTE!

  4. I was obsessed with Max Von Sydow’s loft in Hannah & Her Sisters when I was a kid. I still am. Who lives like that? People who bought lofts in NYC in the ’70s when nobody wanted to live there, I guess…

  5. These photos are just beautiful! I used to spend hours sketching my “dream loft in NYC.” They always featured a gleaming grand piano and fire escape with tomato plants. (sigh)
    I tagged you on my blog today. If you find the time it’s about 6 (un)important things you love. I do love visiting here! Hope you have a lovely week!

  6. it’s not quite as amazing as that one, but the loft the lead character in flashdance lives in is totally enviable too.

    but fuck, the skylights in that loft!!! living there now would be impossible, not just because of the price but because it would have been remodeled to have granite countertops and bamboo floors and generally be robbed of its charm and roughness in the name of luxury.

    also, i have never seen that movie, i should watch it!

  7. Your killing me girlfriend! I loved that loft you posted…I remeber seeing that movie and loving her loft! Do you remember the TV show “30 Something” remember the artsy red head’s loft!? Or in that AMAZING movie “In America” when the Irish family moves into a New York slum and transforms their loft into a Magical Space. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNrrLO_Pus8

    I used to live in a 7000 sq. ft loft space her in Chicago with 6 other people (make that 7 if you include my daughter who was almost 2 years old at the time) The rent was $2200 per month…I paid just a little over $400 a month!!! My bedroom was bigger than the 3 bedroom apartment I live in now! It had a big 10 ft metal sliding door separating it from the main part of the loft. It used to be a paint factory. My room is where volatile/flamible stuff was stored. My friend Doc who lived in my room before me grew “Kind Bud”. We used about 2000 sq. ft of the loft for our Art Gallery. We had great Art Openings with live bands and/or Dj’s. (The guy who lived there before me built a huge stage) We had rope swings hanging from the ceiling…floor to ceiling windows facing East! And my roomate Jessica (aka the Wicked Pixie) had sooooo many plants everywhere! And we had a 100 gallon Koy Pond!

    Good times were had…3 of us were very productive, always creating…building walls, making art, getting ready for the next show. But the other 3 were total losers who just liked to hang out and say “I’m an Artist” did nothing except sleep all day, party all night…and would even break out into destructive episodes and ruin the work we did during the wee hours of the morning. That’s why we called Jessica the Wicked Pixie…she loved plants and flowers…and she would do these “installations” in the middle of the night when she was drunk…smashed a big hole into the new freshly painted drywall me, my Dad, and my roomate Tamara Bell had just finished…then she put a bunch of branches, vines, plants, and misc tiny dolls and other found objects she collected all sticking/growing out of the hole in the wall. Then she took dark green paint and painted all around her rebel fairie creation and signed it “THE WICKED PIXIE” She remember nothing the next morning…little brat!

    I need not mention that the builing has since then been sold and converted into Condos…and the neighborhood is now crawling with Yuppies and their designer doggies, SUV’s and their In vitro babies…5 Star Retaurants and Starbuck’s…TRAGIC!

    At the end of the day…I will not give up my Utopian dreams…and be condemned to live in this shoebox I currently call home! I hope you don’t either!

    Love ya sister!
    xo Lavona

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