May 2013 archive

It IS all good


We picked up Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook on Saturday to try to get into healthier eating. Of course, the first thing Sean made was a cake. But it’s a gluten free, no refined sugar, vegan cake. WHAT? I think Gwynnie might be a witch, because this cake is fluffy and huge and nothing like a brick. Madness. […]

hallway chair


I’m going a little crazy with the house clearing out this spring. We have a lot of found / random furniture, and some of it is quite old and smelly. Out it goes, so we’re starting from bare bones and working back up to something more cohesive and healthy and functional. This chair frame was […]

the prettiest time in Vermont


May is the best in Vermont! We’ve been driving around soaking up all the fresh spring green and floating clouds. It saturates your eyes and makes everyone giddy! I know it’s only Tuesday but I’m already needing the long weekend so badly. We’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn Saturday to yard sale […]

summer bedroom


Our bedroom is my favorite spot in the spring / summer – huge windows that open to the balcony, lilacs outside, creamy white plaster walls. We swapped the heavy duvet for a light blanket last night. Hello summer!

Hi Honey, I’m Home


48 hours in San Francisco for work – I crammed in visits to Kate, Holly, Elly, & Vivian – a little Barney’s & Bloomingdales time, drinks at the Clift, sushi at Sanraku, ice cream at Ici, a visit to Tail of the Yak – and meeting the tiny teeny newly hatched Sylvie Rose for the first time. […]