March 2013 archive

Inspiration: Reality


I’d been trying to think of a leg/base solution for this extremely heavy, steel-and-glass cabinet. Sean found it at a salvage store & I love the way it looks with pretty white china and glasses, but having it sit flat on the floor was awkward and too low. We worried about creating legs that would […]

ski patrol


Growing up in Vermont, everyone skied. Everyone. All winter, kids would show up at school with the lift tickets on their neon Columbia jackets stacking higher and higher, like badges of honor. I never did. My parents loved skiing but by the time I was old enough to start, it was prohibitively expensive for them […]

New Desk, New Philosophy


With a new job comes a new desk! If I’m going to be spending 40 hours a week somewhere, I should take the time to make it as pleasing as I make my house. I haven’t always done this at past offices, but something clicked recently. Step #1 is ergonomics, but once that’s set, it’s […]

Vergennes Laundry


We finally made the trek (about an hour west of us, but with the Green Mountains in the way it’s a windy, bumpy drive) over to the Vergennes Laundry. It was well worth it, with the best cup of coffee I’ve had in Vermont, tiny buckwheat honey cakes, and French pastries. Run by a husband […]

Clementine Giveaway


I was so excited when Emily from Clementine suggested this fantastic giveaway. I have the medium gold lip dish from artist Susan Dwyer on my bedside table, filled with earrings, shells, crystals and random 1920’s shoe clips. They’re such beautiful little bits of magic to have in your house, all rough but gilded. This polka […]