January 2013 archive

There’s no such thing as stuck


Sean said that to me 2 nights ago and it unclenched my shoulders from around my ears. We moved to Vermont thinking we’d get pregnant without¬†too much hassle and we wanted to be settled and around family and in a safe place to raise a family. Since that hasn’t happened, I’m starting to feel really […]

beating the winter blues

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We’re in the middle of a deep freeze and our annual desert vacation/parent visit has been pushed back by 2 weeks, which means all of February stretches out before me like a long, unbroken…icicle. The bulk of January has been spent flinging myself down on to the heating grate when I get home from work, […]



The stairway is getting a fresh coat of plaster over the old lath – I love this rough first pass. It’s tempting to leave it in order to fuel random daydreams of living in the French countryside in an old farmhouse.

Garden Spa Retreat


My newest house-renovation obsession is putting a tiny gym / sanctuary at the top of the garden. Backyard offices are all the rage now, so why not a gym? There’s no space in the house and after spending some time on my mom’s exercise bike the other day, I realized I definitely need to make […]

Tata Harper Giveaway

New Deluxe Set with bag

I love when Vermont companies pop up and surprise you – sometimes living here feels like it’s all cows and ice cream, but then you get a glimmer of glamour through the pine trees. I picked up the Aromatic Irritability Treatment from Tata Harper as a birthday present to myself, and have been wearing it […]