December 2012 archive

Sweeping out 2012


The last day of the year for me is all about getting my house in order, setting things up so that the first day of the new year can be spent enjoyably, and looking back on where I’ve been. I have high hopes for 2013 (I say this every year, I know, but still) – […]

2013: Organization time!


One of my biggest goals for 2013 is getting organized & on top of things. I treated myself to this address book after scrambling and being late with holiday boxes because I couldn’t track down addresses. I ordered cards to save for next year from Betsy Ann Paper after totally flaking on sending cards this […]

Montreal & babies


I’ve been sloooow in blogging about our 24 hours in Montreal and would probably skip it, but I need advice!! We went to Montreal and ended up going… nowhere but the hotel. So next time, I want to have a list of shops and sites and a PLAN so I don’t get stuck again. Please […]

Early Holiday


We’ve had to shuffle our holiday celebrations to coincide with when my brother has the boys, so Christmas happened yesterday! We’ve taken over hosting as our house is the largest – it’s been super fun to take on that role and make everything pretty and cozy. (Instagram shots here – the photos above were obviously […]

more nonsense about doors


This isn’t a before & after so much as a test run – and not a very good one at that. The plan is to rip down everything that isn’t brick on the house and rebuild from the ground up. Neither extension – both built between 1900 & 1920 – has a foundation, one doesn’t […]